Chapter 6: City of Gen-Train

"Where are we?" Fritzie asked irritatedly as we walked through the thick and messy forest.

"I don't know either. Are we doing it right, Zeke?" Ronnie asked. 

"I'm not sure either. But I think we're on the right track," I said. "Let's just follow the path where the women went earlier"

"Why did you stop?" Ronnie asked as Fritzie stopped walking. He was the one in front of us.

"I hear something. Let's hide!" Fritzie replied then quickly pulled us into the corner of the forest.

Slowly we peered over the tall grass that covered us.

"Them again?" Ronnie said when he saw the two women walking.

"That's a different woman. If you look closely, they're thinner. But they're wearing the same clothes," Fritzie replied.

"Let's go to our pets," said another woman. I understood what she said. What pet was she referring to?


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