Years Accompanied by Demons

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Years Accompanied by Demons

By: Morning dew OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The most beautiful memory in the world of love is that every young girl hopes to meet true love, but Eleanor's love is winding and unfortunate. Her boyfriend Logan is a man with a family, and she has become a third party. She only learned the truth after being threatened by Lawrence Willow. Stella is Logan's wife, Lawrence Willow is Stella's sister, Alpha of the werewolf. In order to help Stella, he found Eleanor and threatened her. When Eleanor was still a child, she remembered her neighbor Mrs. Howard grabbing her husband and other women together. The people in the town cursed the woman who ruined other people's families and marriages. However, due to Logan's deception, Eleanor became the most annoying person. After learning all the truth, Eleanor was unable to continue this relationship. But things are not that simple The appearance of Lawrence Willow changed Eleanor's life. How was she manipulated by fate?

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166 chapters
Chapter 1 Tears of humiliation
Eleanor's POV"It seems that you are still a virgin." The man grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him, making me scared.My name was Eleanor Hazel. I was an employee of a foreign trade company. That day, I was attacked on the way to the underground parking lot after work. The strange man dragged me to the corner of the parking lot, tore off my suit and skirt, and took off my underwear. Then without any foreplay, he directly invaded my body. He hit me violently as if venting his hatred and anger.It felt excruciating. Because of his action, my back kept hitting and rubbing the rough wall. I didn't even know if there was bleeding. I could only reach out to push him, bite him with my teeth, and keep asking him, "Please stop. It hurts, please. I can give you whatever you want, but please let me go."The man wearing a dark blue hat pocket coat kept kissing and biting my body. His breath was getting heavier and heavier. It was a kind of breath that I couldn't describe. It seemed that t
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Chapter 2 Be his prey
Hearing the man's voice, I trembled with fear. I raised my head and saw those blue-gray eyes.I tried to get rid of him and walk around the other side of the Billboard, but he grabbed my jaw. He stretched out his legs and trapped me inside.I kept begging, "please let go of me. You've got what you want" I shed tears because of fear, and my voice trembled, "You have destroyed everything about me. Why do you still try to find me?"The man pressed my hand against the wall, and the way he looked at me made me feel terrified. It was like a beast staring at the prey in his hand. He seemed to be greedy for the smell of me. He lowered his head and sniffed gently at me. Soon, he seemed to calm down, but I felt the grasp on my hands was strengthening.He pinched my wrist, and my bones seemed to be about to break. I could feel that he hated me, even though I didn't know why.He came close to my ear and said in a low voice, "Don't hurt my sister again. You know, as a werewolf, I can kill you eas
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Chapter 3 Revenge
Lawrence POVMy name was Lawrence Willow, the Alpha of the werewolves.Since I was a child, I had been dependent on my sister Stella, who was also an Alpha. But unfortunately, Stella fell in love with a Beta. The man's name was Logan, and he was a betrayer.I only learned about Logan and Eleanor at that time. Logan had another woman outside and forced Stella to divorce, making my sister feel pain. To teach Logan and that woman a lesson, I came to the company where they worked and taught that woman a lesson.But something was really weird-Why did I smell the scent of my mate on her body? I clearly heard that she said she's a human. And from her strength, I made sure that she couldn't be a werewolf. Because of that scent, I couldn't help being close and touching her. What happened between us?When I was about to leave, I smelled my sister's scent. So, I returned to Logan's company and saw my sister enter his office. Her face was covered with tears, and her hair was messy. She should ha
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Chapter 4 Insane
Eleanor's POVI returned to the company and stood in front of the company's stairs. Then, I looked at the empty company with some hesitation. I could only carefully go up the stairs. I wished Stella and that insane man had gone."Eleanor!"I was suddenly patted on the back. I was terrified. It reminded me of being forcibly taken away in the underground parking lot.I turned in horror, but it was just my colleague, Harley Johnson."Harley?" When I saw my colleague's face, I was a little relieved. "Why are you still here?"It was not working time, and he was the warehouse dispatcher of our company. Generally, he should have gone home from work long ago. Well, Harley was a very warm-hearted man with golden hair. He was still in his twenties. People in our company liked him very much.Harley answered my question calmly, "Mr. Buster said that the company has some discarded cartons for me to take away. He asked me to wait for him here. So, why are you still here, Eleanor?"I hesitated but
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Chapter 5 Prison
Lawrence POVI felt that my body was burning as if it was melting by magma. My unconscious thoughts made it difficult for me to judge and know where I was. I just relied on my physical instinct and followed my favourite taste to find there.I hugged and kissed the woman in my arms. I was still thinking about these days. I met Stella before I came to the apartment to look for Eleanor.Since Stella made things worse, Logan was furious, resolutely divorced her, and moved out of their home.When I went to find Stella, Stella had been sitting at the door waiting for several days. His husband didn't come back and wouldn't answer the phone, but she still waited stubbornly. The nearby neighbours were worried about her condition, so they tried to contact me.Seeing me, Stella went a little crazy, "Lawrence, will you help me get Logan back? Logan was taken away by that woman again. You should bring him back to me as soon as possible."Stella's hair was in a mess. She didn't rest for a few days,
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Chapter 6 Torture
Eleanor's POVThe man scared me.I stepped back. Because the switch of the room light was behind me and touched by my back, the room fell into darkness instantly.Only the mobile phone that had just fallen to the ground was still shining, and Madison's voice came from the mobile phone again. "Eleanor, what's the matter with you? Have you been attacked?" Madison's voice was very worried, and her voice became louder and louder, "Eleanor, tell me, where are you now?"The man finally heard the voice on my phone and found that there was a woman on it. His original anger and danger seemed to have eased a lot.He let go of me, squatted down to pick up the mobile phone, hung up the video, and threw the mobile phone on the nearby table.I was upset and scared, "Please don't do this. She's just my friend. If I don't answer, she'll worry."The next moment, I was pressed on the wall by him. The man's hand groped on me. He lowered his head, smelled my smell, and made a light hum.He seemed a littl
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Chapter 7 Affair
Eleanor's POVI was stabbed by the light, closed my eyes, and looked at the door again. Logan stood there and looked at us in shock.I thought I should be ugly at that time Logan saw me. Just imagine that this man took my clothes off. He could only pull the blanket next to me to cover his upper body. He still rode on me. When he saw Logan coming in, he smiled indifferently, and even greeted him as if no one else was there, "Logan, you're finally here."Logan looked at me, and I found his eyes red. 'What does Logan think of me now?'Anyone who saw us now would know what had happened.Logan asked, "Lawrence, why are you here?"He walked around the room, close to us, but his breath was dangerous. I knew he was holding back his anger and waiting for an opportunity to attack.'Lawrence? Is that the man's name?' It was ridiculous that I didn't know that name until that moment.Lawrence got up from the sofa. I also took the opportunity to push him away, walk in the direction of the table wra
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Chapter 8 Slave
Eleanor's POVLawrence smiled, and his fingers touched me vaguely. "Logan, don't forget, I'm also a werewolf. I know what's on your mind. As a Beta, you are so weak, because Stella is an Alpha, which makes you feel inferior, so you find this human woman."His fingers moved to the back of my neck and suddenly grabbed my hair to show off the booty, "Human women are so fragile. They will worship you and look up to you. As long as your fangs bite gently, they'll die. You enjoy the feeling of controlling the whole situation, don't you?"Logan picked up the chair in the room and attacked Lawrence. Lawrence pushed me away, and I hit the table next to him.The werewolf was strong and fast. When they fought in the room; tables, chairs, and some simple furniture became their weapons, which were very fragile and vulnerable.Logan kicked Lawrence and Lawrence fell on the sofa. Logan came up to me and took my arm as if he wanted to take me out.But Lawrence was also very agile. He showed his fangs
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Chapter 9 Crazy in love
Lawrence POVIt was two o'clock in the Vatican. I was injured and decided to come back home.I lived on the top floor of a luxurious building. There was a very wide balcony with sofas, tables, and some expensive furniture. I often liked to sit there and watch the rising sun and sunset and the busy people under the building. I didn't have to rush for life like those people because I had enough money.I sat on the sofa to deal with the wound. Logan's sharp claws made a terrible blood mark on my arm, but I didn't need to worry because werewolves were born with the ability to self-healing. I believed everything would be perfect in a few days.While dealing with the injury, I noticed a shallow scratch on my arm the woman named Eleanor left. The woman's cry, begging, and fear came to my mind. I thought of my experience in the underground parking lot. It seemed to be the first time for that woman, but I was a little rough.I felt a bit uneasy. I found the woman to teach her a lesson and ta
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Chapter 10 Triangle feeling
Lawrence's POVEleanor left. With my power, it was not hard to find her trace. As I had expected, Logan followed that woman to Bristol, which I thought was very ridiculous. He was so infatuated with her.Of course, it would have been better if the one he was infatuated with was my sister Stella. If so, nothing would have happened between Eleanor and I.From my assistant Mayer, I knew that Eleanor's parents were in Bristol, and then I found out that she had booked hotel and flight, thus it seemed like that she didn't lie to me – she was determined to leave London. But I had no idea if Logan had come here, whether he had made a pact with that woman or just had decided all by himself. I saw him entering the same hotel, so I pulled off in front of the hotel, and then spied the scene in their room through binoculars.But unfortunately, it was dark night, and the curtains in Eleanor's room were closed, thus I was not able to see anything.But in their room, the lights were on all the time.
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