Ch 10.9

I went to take a shower and after I got out I ran into Logan. He was surprised to see me, thinking I wouldn't be up for another few hours.

He was holding Blue in his arms. Apparently she was playing with the other kids and fell asleep at some point so he came to put her in her bed.

[This kid…]

A third candidate, huh…

Iris doesn’t seem to like Blue a lot. From the photos I saw and how Lilia described her I can see the similarities, and now that she has cat ears and tail instead of the Zesionien horns, Blue certainly looks like a miniature version of her.

Blue reminded Iris of her childhood, and not in the pleasant nostalgic way. What made it worse was something Hir said after my speech.

Blue told Lilia that she saw a ghost following me around. That shocked the both of us, but Iris felt frustrated that she never noticed she was being watched, and by a kid nonetheless. Blue was rather talented at hiding her presence, she even managed to steal my book right before our eyes and escaped wh
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