Legacy Revealed: Rise Of Marco Lourd

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Legacy Revealed: Rise Of Marco Lourd

By: Snowwriter Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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“Take this knife, drive it into his chest and carve out his heart. Only then would I take you back and love you like before.” He proffered his demand with his men holding down the bastard that abused him some nights ago and took his girlfriend from him. …………… On his kneels, drawing against his shallow breaths with his life on a bleary slope. The door flung open and strange men in sets trooped in coming to his aid. At the verge of becoming a past, a future bloomed that changed everything about his present. From a spineless bastard with nobody that was betrayed by his girlfriend. He aimed to claim her back for revenge, while discovering something about his past. Mystery like no ever surrounded him, and with his newfound legacy; he will navigate through his reign of supreme as he tour on difficulties like never before.

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  • Miah


    interesting story author.

    2024-02-21 15:24:24
  • Snowwriter


    Daily updates starting this month my beautiful readers.

    2023-09-01 12:26:17
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112 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 In a room filled with rugged looking men, at the top middle sat one of them, dressed in all black with a visible tattoo of a snake sketched right at his neck, that has chains and earrings studding the body parts up to his two small looking ear, matted on his head was a spiky cut that assessed him a dangerous look.In between the palm of his right hand was a gun with the tip placed above his lips while his elbow rested on the chair’s arm. With the way everyone’s head in the room was bowed plus the apprehensive expression on their faces, one could guess he’s the boss of them all. The room was a little dark, only litted by a low glowing blurb hanging down at different far angles of the room’s ceiling.On the floor on his knees was another man; a bit tattered, with a face marred with rage as his lowered gaze moved round the room filled with men surrounding him with anger. Are they kidding him?“I don’t like repeating myself, Marco.” The man seated above him stated, his hoarse
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Chapter 2
Chapter twoAll eyes darted to the entrance, watching different male figures emerged from the opening and trooping in the room converging to form a single horizontal row round the room. All in the same dressing of black suits with a sunshade on their eyes; even in the darkness, and a wired speaker connected from their ear to their mouth. They stood guided with their guns pointed out to the room. Fear seeped through everyone’s expression, their presence was unexpected and a disruption to their gathering, and most importantly who were they as they were totally unknown by all, including the boss of the local mafia gang Marco was entwined with even Suddenly from the row, at the middle, they parted to the side making a way for a figure to come to surface. The figure’s shadow came in first, his body relenting on a stick that supported and stabled his weak walking system. He passed through the path made for him, coming into full view and at the center, his walking cane slammed dramatic
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Chapter 3
Chapter ThreeHearing the old man’s threat, the gangster ran past them in fear, and out of the room without looking back.One of them stayed back, it was the small boss that almost killed Marco. His eyes peered away from the old man, towards Marco and looking him straight in the eye.Then a smirk curved above his lips, “Thank your stars for blessing you with this special luck of him arriving.” He said to him, a dark chuckle following the end of his statement. “Did you just threaten, our Young Master?” His eyes glazed with awe mixed with anger. “Do you take my words for a joke?” The old man questioned with obvious fury lacing his tone, raising a finger up and directing it at his leg. A shot was immediately fired from one of his men, and a loud cry followed filled with agony piercing the atmosphere reeling into everyone’s hearings. One of the guys had shot his leg, resulting to a croak in his steadiness as he cried out in pain, swerving downward with his free hand gripping his leg an
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Marco graced the scene with his hand on the knob pushing the door to the side. His vision set on the two mortals laying on his bed naked and curled together. One was acquainted with him while the other is strange and unknown. The latter he knows turning out to be the same lady who broke his heart, destroyed his trust and present no value to his eyes. It was her in his own apartment, and not anywhere else, then in his own room and not the other one available guest room in the house, and lastly on his bed, and not other places when the couch at the living room is vacant. A vile audacity she possessed. The rage in his eyes spread through his face as it enveloped his system like a burning fire, he walked in the room further. Hearing the door opened Gina had separated from her concubine, moving totally aside when who showed up turned out to be Marco. She grabbed the sheet, dragging it over her naked bosom and staring at him with shame. The other guy also rolled to the sid
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Marco wasn’t hurt or offended by the insults he hurled at him, rather at the girl he loved sitting there on the bed, seeming to be enjoying the way her new boyfriend is treating him. It stung deeper than his words, slicing through his body with a edge sharper than a knife. “Are you listening to me? I said apologize for yelling at her.” He requested again. Marco’s eyes trailed away from Gina, setting back to facing the man in front of him with his hand scrupling his collar. “Get your eyes off me.” His hard voice released the command, the tone matching his gaze that morphed a threatening expression back to him. He snorted at his demeanor, not fazed by his appearance. “I said apologize to her right now if you don’t want your face getting bloody, because I won’t ask again.” He repeated himself to Marco. Marco let out a light scoff, rolling his tongue through his bottom teeth. His brows slanted up in a curve looking back up at him. “Get your fucking hands off me!” With no
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Marco didn’t know what to do, the least he wanted was for his honor to be stomped upon as they drag him out with disgrace. Then he raised an index at the lady, “You think I’m lying, let me call him so you’d be sure I know exactly what I’m doing here and who I’m here for.” Marco said to her. Dipping his hand into his pocket and retrieving his battered phone, he depended so hard on the lingering percent that keeps the screen lighted.The percent was low and flat, a long call would drain it dead but he had to fry his luck, else this lady would think of him as a beggar and drag him out, this disgracing him in front of all the audience casually present. He strolled to the newly saved contact, clicking on the particular one that has the old man’s man and putting it to dial. Just as the first ring went through the call was picked, and at the end the old man’s voice boomed. “Young Master, hello.” His greeting were polished with respect, same with his tone.“Yes, but I’m in the
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7Dren stared with his pupils nearly bulging out of his sockets, his lips parted in stupefaction. If he wasn’t wrong, Anders; the president of Lourd’s Green Energy. The finest and richest energy source in the whole city. The president was the man he saw bowing at an impoverished lowlife individual gagged up in rags appearing worthless than he can ever imagine. Anders Coleman was the president of Lourd’s Green Energy. And everyone knew he attained such powerful and wealthy position by his acquaintance with this super rich family that the public had no scent of. They were a mystery, one no man in the whole city is yet to solve. All they know is the Lourd’s name used to be for a family that sometime later were off on the streets, no one knew what the family is consist of anymore ever since the tragic incident that took place years ago. This pushed the Lourd’s into hiding and fading off the public eye, gradually becoming a ghost. Anders was then given control all over, he bec
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Marco went away with Anders who took him through an elevator passing through more corners before arriving at an office. Two guards were at the door inspecting the surroundings when both arrived, one who sighted them first was quick to held the doorknob pushing open a space for their entry. Anders ushered Marco inside the office where he pointed over at a chair in front of his desk where he could seat. Marco took some seconds surveying the room before matching his way over to the leather chair, he sat down settling his gaze on Anders who was also taking his seat.“Now where should I begin?” He silently asked, but audible enough for Marco’s conceiving. “Begin what?” He had asked with a furrowed expression, there are questions throbbing his mind about the sudden change in his life. But that could stall till after some explanation. He needed no soothsayer to tell him he was about getting real with his background and a lucid narration to the sudden change in his life. “You
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Marco stirred in silence, gaping longingly at the object that swayed in still motion between his left palm. Why wasn’t he informed of the policy here, or was Anders not informed or aware? At that moment was a sparkling wine colored Tesla; the sixth model, in all it elegance pulling over at the checkpoint, close to where Marco stood conversing with the two guards. The door was then opened to reveal a tall beauty goddess stepped out of the car, her slender curvy body scouring an expensive silky black gown that length across her knee. Her gloved hand raised up, tipping down the sunglass shading her eyes. She marched over to where Marco stood with the guards. “Marco!” She called, her ruby lips making a slight seductive movement repealing Marco’s name. Marco glanced to her direction, his jaws dropping to the floor at the sight of the stunning beauty standing feet away from him.Not only was he floored by her appearance, but by her presence. They were mates back then in hig
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 She gaped at him, her brows narrowed into a questioning look, anticipating his response to clarify her question. Marco avoided her gaze, his heart drumming a panic rhythm as those electric blue eyes bored into his soul from beside him.He already told her the truth, but saw it as a lie. What could he probably do than stretch the truth then, and to what new fact would he stretch the truth to make it believable. She wouldn’t believe him if he told her who he actually was. Heir to the city’s wealthiest empire, a trillionaire, and the new face of Lourd’s Consortium. Definitely going to either see him as a crazy man, or a man filled with delusions. Finally, an idea plucked into his mind and a sigh almost broke through his lips. He dragged his face into facing her again, “Fine. I was lying.” She raised an eyebrow, expecting more to the phrase. He was lying, then he should go on and explain himself. “There was this rich name, I never really caught his name. I think he came f
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