Legend of The Demon King

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Legend of The Demon King

By: The Supreme writer OngoingFantasy

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It is an Era of Chaos and An Era of Destruction, There is no such thing as Equality existing in this Universe. Only the Strong exists to control the weak, Power is taken and not given, The Imperial Empire has reigned for more than a hundred years. controlling the domains of the world, Having a Third of the World under their commands. They have Controlled the world until they came! The Red Assasins, The Assasins of Darkened and The Warriors of Chaos with the determination to bring down the Imperial Empire. it is The Legend of The Demon King

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    nice story

    2023-01-17 22:27:24
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30 chapters
Chapter 1: Purpose of X
THE BRUTALITY!!THE TERRORThe CHAOS!!Since the Dawn of Humanity, All that has ever existed in War, Brutality and Betrayal, Chaos floods the mind of humans, Brothers Waging war Against themselves for their own benefits and an Era of Chaos.There is no Justice in this World, Only The Victor's becomes Justice, Only those who takes the world by force are the Harbingers of Justice, The Defeated becomes slaves to the Victors, Welcome to the world were Soldiers becomes gods!An Above The Clans and Kingdoms of The World, No one has dared to face against one Army, The Army of Darkness...The Imperial Empire, The Empire feared across the Land because of their Forces.A World Children are Forbidden to speak Against but there is one man, One man with the Hatred which engulfs his heart, There is only one man of Prophecy Strong Enough to Stop The Imperial Empire from taking over the World!!He is The Legendary Demon King!!.....An Squad of Soldiers could be seen approaching the Western Forest
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Chapter 2: Our Pain
" Hey guys...I am back!! "The Voice of Jason Robert could be heard when he knocked on the door a Building located in the Outskirt of Two Forests, The Western Forest of Jura and The Eastern Forest of Jura, The Home of the Wild.The Door opened up and a boy brought out his head to see Jason standing before him, He scanned the entire area before closing the door and He opened the door back, Jason walked into the building." Jason...We have been waiting for you for two hours, What were you doing? " The Girl who is putting on glasses asked when Jason smiled and he dropped the deer he carried on his shoulder and the rest smiled." Chloe...John, Lucias, Mason and Slyvie, I am sorry for the delay, You can say I was pretty busy at that moment " Jason said when he sat down on the chair before him, John who was standing beside Jason smelled the bloods on his shirt." This is a human blood, Where you fighting some bandits who tried to take your kills? " John asked when the rest faced him, Slyvie
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Chapter 3: The Red Assasins
Few Hundred Miles away from the Four Forests of Jura, Outside the Rokusoke Island, A Village could be seen with its people moving around while the scorching sun shines down upon them from the sky.Everyone roamed around peacefully and the Market Women sold their goods, It was all good until a child is spotted running down from the Direction of The Village's Gates with fear in his eyes." What is going on? What is that boy up to? " A Woman asked!" Run..Run...Run they are coming, Run they are coming...They are coming, Run, Run, Run, Run Run for your life, The Bandits are coming!! " The Boy screamed out with fear in his eyes when he passed the villagers without stopping.The People looks at the boy in shock when the sky turned dark, The Villagers looks up in shock to see Thousands of arrows raining down from the sky, The Villagers in fear were scattered as the arrows coming down in an horrible manner.The Arrows pierced into the bodies of The Villagers and bodies littered on the ground,
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Chapter 4: The Royalties Invitation
The Holy Rivanna City, Capital City of The Imperial Empire, The Home of The Royals and The Home to the Great Emperor of The Imperial Empire, A City of Gold, Forbidden to the Commoners of The Imperial Empire.Any Commoner found in The Holy Rivanna will be immediately Executed and Only The High Chiefs and Ministers of the Imperial Empire are permitted to dwell in the City of Golds, The Holy Rivanna City.A City filled with High Lords and Noble Princes!!There is only one exit of The City and It is heavily guarded by the Ultimate Assasins of The Imperial Empire, The Imperial Empire claims one third of The World Population under their forces.For a Decade, No one has dared to openly Challenge their Military Force And all who went against them are six feet under the ground, Their heads hung on the Gates to show the Supremacy of the Imperial Empire.It is an Era of Madness and Those who are strong becomes the Order, The Weak has no place in this world, They are merely toys to be used and dis
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Chapter 5: Princess Courtney
" What? A Soldier was killed without anyone noticing? "The Voice of The First Commander Lucerio and Ruler of The District 1 thundered Heavily, He is spotted Sitted on his throne in his Castle when a soldier walked into his palace to give him the sad news." Ye..Yes My Lord, He had his throat slitted open before we could even decide what happened " The Soldier said and he immediately bowed his head before the Commander, The Commander crosses his legs while sitted on his throne." A murder without even the soldiers at the Gates realizing it, This is the work of an Assasin, A Skilled one " Commanded Lucerio said when he caresses his beards with his hand and he faces the soldier below him." Inform the Twelve Sorat to watch over any suspicious activities in the District 1, Especially in the local areas, There must have been an Assasin who caused this chaos " Commander Lucerio ordered." Yes my Lord, I will do as you have Commander me your grace " The Soldier said when he stood up from the
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Chapter 6: The Festival Begins
It is the day of The Festival and The Everyone from both the Locals and The Exclusive were gathered at Castle of The Commander, They were hundreds and Thousands of People gathered together.Silence reigned as The Soldiers brought forth six Criminals who were chained and blind folded and the Criminals were forced to the knees while the people watches and The Commander emerges from the door.He could be seen standing on the Balcony above the people when he puffed the cigarette in his hand and It was all quiet, No one dares to make a noise, Jason, Chloe and John were also Present." Greetings to you all people of the Imperial....I am Commander Lucerio, Ruler of The District 1 and before The Festival begins...I will like to give out a few speech to the world to understand our power "" The Imperial Empire Controls a Third of the World and Only Those with power and Strength rules over all, The Weak strives with the leftovers of the Strong, Left to die in misery and tortured by The Victorio
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Chapter 7: It's has began
The E.Y.E" The Red Assasins are Advancing Far Ahead of Us, They have now dared into the Territory of The Imperial Empire " A Voice could be heard from The Darkness when Daigo, Lord of The Black Scorpion Clan walked into the scene.Dressed in his red kimono, The Fierce Daigo, Lord of The Black Scorpion Clan stood before the Eleven Lords that made up The E.Y.E with himself being the Chief in Command of The Organization." The Red Assasins are well known International Criminals, I would say it's a foolish idea to attack The District 1 without any help, But it is The Red Assasins...They are capable of such acts " The First Lord spoke out from the darkness." The Red Assasins...X, They are working towards our goal " The Second Lord said!" We are all aware of that, But the E.Y.E can't sit down and Let The Red Assasins take all the glory, We both are working towards the same goal, To Crush The Imperial Empire, Shall we help Them or not? " Daigo of The Black Scorpion Clan asked and Darkness
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Chapter 8: The Warhead
" District 1, Just as X has planned...This will be a Bloodline, I will enjoy crushing your bones to misery " Lucias Of The Red Assasins spoke out when he charged at the Incoming Soldiers with Swift force.He slashes down two soldiers with his sword and blocked an attack from behind, He turns with great speed, Slitting the throat of the Soldier behind him and Lucias bounces back with his sword in his hand.News of The Red Assasins present in the District 1 Spreads like wild fire!El Nuriano, The Dark Ghoul of The East Soaked his blade with the bloods of the Imperials before him, Heads rolled as bloods splashed on the ground, Lucias did a front flip and he landed on his feet.Stabbing The Soldier before him on the throat, Lucias redrawed his blade when the soldier fell down on the ground, He turn left to see Hundreds of Soldiers charging at him while on their horses.The Neighing sounds of The Incoming Horses filled the air When Lucias sighed, His sword dripped with bloods when he took
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Chapter 9: The Mystery
Commander Lucerio walked into His Throne room furiously while putting on his Military Coat, He stopped when he gazed at Prince Carlos and The Royal Knight Sebastian who were standing before his Throne." Commander Lucerio, How did it go? " Royal Knight Sebastian asked while smiling!" I was on the verge of slaying that damned Red Assasin when he vanished, None of Those Red Assasins has shown themselves again, I am confused and furious right here " Commander Lucerio answered." You should know that you are dealing with Smart Assasins, Commander Lucerio, My Believes have no resulted to a reality, The Red Assasins aren't ultimately here to Destroy the District 1, They have a motive " Royal Knight Sebastian said." A motive? What are you talking about? " Prince Carlos asked." My Noble Prince Carlos, I can say you aren't too often mixed with The Military so you don't understand what is truly going on, A Red Assasin can't appear and vanish without a valuable Reason, I believe they are here
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Chapter 10: The Chaos
" The Nurizawa Tower has been raided and destroyed by the Red Assasins " The Royal Knight Sebastian voices out when he rode his horse towards Commander Lucerio who is sitted on his horse.They are all dressed in their Battle Armours and Prince Carlos is present with them, The Sorats of the District 1, The Young Officers of the District 1 Military Force, Controlling tens of units under Commander Lucerio." The Red Assasins....I have been wondering what they truly are, No Ordinary Person would be able to achieve this feats they possess, I wonder what they truly are " Commander Lucerio spoke out." No Ordinary Warriors would be able to achieve this feats, It is because they aren't Ordinary " Royal Knight Sebastian uttered when Both Commander Lucerio and Prince Carlos turns to face them." What are you talking about...Sir Sebastian? " Prince Carlos asked." Though I haven't been too focused but I have done my research, The Red Assasins came to fame after decimating The Sahara Union and It
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