The Element Council

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The Element Council

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Zach Harrison, a teenage young guy who has always been bored with his life as there was no thrill, action nor excitement that could just even give him the sense of self to live his life to the fullest. Everyday was always the worst day for Zach, a pessimist or a nihilist so to speak. He never had any friends to consider and hang out with. He's just like a lifeless robot living in accordance to the rules of the society and the ways of the world. It never gave him even the slightest bit of interest to explore over and beyond its adressing issue, but instead he had its own revolving world where he crosses out everyone from his sight. But everything changed after Ace Whendemier came into his life. She met her at a school named Clericus Institute right after they moved in town and that his Mom wanted to make his life a living and give it a unique and colorful and meaning. But everything you see ain't always what it seems as Zach discovers a whole new world beyond the ordinary. Along with Ace and some of his friends he met along the way which then later on created a guild named 'the element council' - this is where his tale begins, the next chapter of his life story as they unearth a secret dungeon that lies within the walls of the very school they enrolled in. All of them could not believe in what they have discovered as they will delve down deep within the mysterious and magical sense of finding a totem relic and its pieces which grants to those who finds all the missing parts of it.


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8 chapters
Chapter One
Chapter One: A Twist of Fate My life had always felt like a monotonous routine a never-ending loop of boredom and lack of direction. Life had always seemed dull and uneventful for me. Every day seemed to blend into the next with no excitement or meaning to be found. But all of that was about to change when my mom and I decided to move to a new city - a place called Clericus. After settling into our new home mom enrolled me at Clericus High a school known for its rigorous academics and vibrant community. As I stepped through the towering doors for the first time he couldn't help but feel a mix of anticipation and apprehension. This was a new chapter in my life, an opportunity for me to reinvent myself. Clericus was our fresh start. It was a place where I hoped to find a sense of purpose, a place where I could finally break free from the chains of my mundane existence. On my first day at Clericus High as I made my way through the bustling halls, I spotted her. She had an air of myste
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two: The Abandoned Clock Tower My mind is preoccupied with the anonymous letter I had received the day before. I couldn't shake off the feeling of curiosity and a slight sense of dread that lingered from the words on that piece of paper, "Ace's secret" it had said. Who could possibly know about Ace's secret? And more importantly, why me? As I got ready for the day, my mind kept racing. I couldn't focus on class or the conversations happening around me at the campus cafeteria. I needed to find out who the anonymous person is and what they knew about Ace. I couldn't just sit idly by while someone threatened to warn me about my friend's secret. Determined, I walked to the library right after his morning classes. I needed to do some research find clues anything that could help me uncover the identity of the letter's sender. As I entered the library my eyes scanned the shelves, my mind wondering where to start. I decided to head to the computer section feeling that the internet m
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Chapter Three
Chapter 3:Zach's POV:I gave a thought of blank expression, looking above the sky from the window where I was sitting at. It was sunny clear, no clouds at all but just the reflection of the serene blue ocean. I was perplexed. scribbles were on the top of my head whilst of thinking about that happened yesterday.Just a dream... Just a dream...Remember Zach, You're just hallucinating. This isn't real!The sun was solely doing its job shining its bright light amongst everything it can touch down on earth, including the trees, the houses, buildings, animals and people even me, I felt the rays of the sun kissing my face. Not that burning sensation feeling but It was delicately warm and tender. But suddenly I was alarmed as I heard my name being called."Mr. Harrison! Are you even listening!?" Mr. Rosa shouted as he called my name.I stood up and bowed my head, owing an aplogy. "I'm sorry." Everyone were laughing at me as if th
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four: Searching for AlliesAs the new day dawned I, Jheall and Ace convened at our usual meeting spot near the school campus. We wore determined expressions ready to embark on our mission to find five more people to accompany them in their search for the missing pieces of the artifact in the dungeons."I can't believe you're dragging me into this!" Jheall muttered rolling her eyes. "But, fine if you guys are going on some treasure, hunt I'll join you. Just make sure my mom doesn't find out or else-""C'mon Jheall, This is not some happy treasure hunting. This is a rescue mission to save Ace's life! And a chance for us to uncover the truth about this artifact and the mysteries locked within the school's behind premises."I couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement deep within me. Adventure had always called out to me and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to answer its call. But there was one major problem - we needed five more people to join us. The artifact could on
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Chapter Five
Chapter Five: The Eight SymbolsThird POV:As the clock tower's heavy doors creaked open Zach and the other seven members followed Ace through the threshold. Their hearts raced in anticipation not knowing what to expect on the other side of the portal. The room they found themselves in was vast and darkness hung in the air like a heavy cloak. They couldn't believe what they discovered from behind the premises of their school.Ace stepped forward taking a deep breath before addressing the group. "Welcome my friends to the gateway of the first realm. This is where our journey truly begins. Each of you has been appointed a special symbol inscribed on the floor in front of you. Stand on it and the portal to the first realm will open."Five of the members that Zach recruited were mesmerized and at the same time fear started to tremble in their core yet Jheall was the one who explained the mechanics of the mission they need to accomplish."So which one should I step on?" asked Luna."Feel w
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Chapter Six
Chapter Six:Third POV:"Aaaaack! Fire! Fire! Waaaah!" When the flames lick at his back engulfing him in a terrifying fervor the panicked individual trembles with fear and desperation. His heart races pounding against his chest like a relentless drumbeat as beads of sweat trickle down his forehead.Will suddenly blipped a sneeze that caused the flames on Zach's back and it spread fast. Will didn't know he could possibly do that. He wasn't aware of the sudden burst of flames from his nostrils. It vanished fast after releasing the tingly itchy pain from his nose.Every fiber of Zach's being is consumed by a primal instinct to survive driving him into a state of frenzied panic. His breath comes in short shallow gasps as if he can barely fill his lungs with air. Eyes wide with terror he frantically searches for an escape route his gaze darting from one corner to another. Adrenaline courses through his veins heightening his senses and amplifying the chaotic symphony of his surroundings.S
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven: Ace's FuryEveryone went out from the cave and started exploring the unrealistic world of the unknown and went to find their respective places to train.They still struggled on how they can control their powers better. Lylan's a God - a master of his own skill. Lylan became their trainor and asked for his guidance and help how to control their powers even more.Everyone started mastering their powers right away. Zach struggled producing electrcity bolts from his hand. He could only produce small ones while accidentally electrocuting Will."Ow! Hey!" Will crossed his eyesbrows at the middle of his forehead.Initially, a wave of shock ripples through his body. His muscles is tense and for a brief instant time seems to stand still as the jolt courses through his veins. As the electric current surges through him, the sudden pain and sensation triggered an intense emotional response.Caught off guard a surge of anger quickly wells up within him. His mind races and frustrati
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Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight: Dria the Elf Third POV: Charlotte and Luna had spent the noon exploring the enchanting forest to find their way back at the spawing point of the team. The sunlight filtered through the dense canopy casting dancing shadows on the forest floor. As they made their way through a clearing, it seemed that they were walking back in circles. They forgot where the route back is. Heading towards nothing. "Lylan shouldn't have left us. And we shouldn't have split apart from our friends. And now we're lost. How can a guy be this complacent and resilient towards girls leaving us behind? Such not a gentleman!" Luna angrily exclaimed. "I know this is where we are supposed to be but I can't see the cave, Lylan nor our friends." said Charlotte with confidence. "Damn, I knew it! We should've stayed together as a team in the first place. Practicing our abilities watching each other backs." "We wouldn't have our own training space and we might hurt each other, that's why we were div
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