Chapter 368 : Silver and Gold (1)

Although she did not outwardly show it, Cecile was greatly shaken. The fact that her copying ability wasn’t working properly was a first for her, moreover, imitating Bin’s Black Magic consumed an astronomical amount of Mana. So much that in just a few minutes, her body won’t be able to handle it.

Up until this point, so still hasn’t hit him once and it was crystal clear that he had the advantage. The spinning scythe made from Death Energy lasted only for ten or fifteen seconds before dispersing. The black vortex, however, was the total opposite as it kept chasing after her with a relatively slow sleep.

Even though she was able to safely distance herself from the ominous vortex, she could not completely shake it off. There was also the green mist, which was greatly limiting her sight and shrouding Bin’s f

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