I Got The Power of Legend

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I Got The Power of Legend

By: Vellyna Yari OngoingFantasy

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Raizel was a weak young man, he lived a life of hell. Physical and verbal abuse was commonplace for him. So his desire to die was great. However, fate had other plans. When Raizel's dream was about to be realized, he got the power of the legend of the nine-tailed fox or can be known as "Gumiho". The Gumiho is Hanna Boa, she is the queen of the demon kingdom. One of the powers he will get is eternal life. Initially, Raizel wanted to use the power only for revenge. However, his arrogant attitude emerged and turned evil when he joined Zhang Lao's organization. He had no idea that Zhang Lao was the most evil and greedy man on earth. In fact, Hanna Boa warned Raizel to stay away from Zhang Lao. However, Raizel ignored her. No wonder Hanna Boa was angry. Will Hanna take back her fox marbles? Then, what will happen to Raizel? Will he go back to being a weak young man again?

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  • Vellyna Yari


    Thanks a lot. Please enjoy it......

    2024-02-21 22:59:32
  • mina rosmina


    I think this story is boring, but I got mistake. I like it

    2024-02-11 07:20:06
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81 chapters
Most Unlucky Day
1. University can be said to be a bridge to the future. Most young people come to unervices with all their dreams. Others may have a specific reason, like Raizel. He went to college just to fulfill his parents' wishes.Raizel stood in front of his locker to retrieve some of books. As Raizel closed the locker door, his gaze focused on the beautiful woman 3 lockers away from where he stood."Hey Yumna, look at that weird guy keep looking at you!" said the curly-haired girl who was facing Raizel, while Yumna herself was standing with her back to him.Yes, the beautiful student was named Yumna. She had waist-length straight hair, a small face, full lips, round eyes with a sharp nose like a living doll from Southeast Asia. Yumna shook her hair to find out which guy her friend was talking about.So pretty! Oohh, are you looking at me right now?Raizel's heart pounded. He stiffly paused and could only speak silently with his gaze not leaving Yumna."Ohh," Yumna regretted that she had exe
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Wolf Food
"No! Please stop this. I have to go to college because it was my father's last request," Raizel replied, not daring to look up. He did not even move an inch from where he was lying. How could he move when his face was on the ground, not to mention the pain in his back from Draco's kick."Viu! Cover his mouth with something!" shouted Draco who stopped his kicks while catching his breath."Okay, Boss!" exclaimed Viu enthusiastically. He made a fist, then pulled his left leg back and kicked towards Raizel's face. Then, he removed the belt, then he tied Raizel's hands behind his back and gagged his mouth with his sock.Raizel was shocked by the quick attack, he couldn't dodge and felt all his facial nerves shatter. Raizel's vision was blurry, his head was dizzy and he could only feel his body rolling helplessly to the side. Fresh blood poured out of his nose unbidden."Good job, Viu!" praised Draco with a pleased laugh. He looked at Raizel who was about to close his eyes, then he turned t
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Fox Marbles
Raizel fell to the ground with his hands feeling like they had been pierced by hot nails. The black wolf groaned without releasing its bite. So Raizel surrendered when as far as the eye could see there were only wolves swarming him.Raizel's vision began to blur, he could feel almost his entire body being bitten by the pack of wolves. Raizel smiled sadly while enduring the pain, he muttered, "Hah, I can finally die."It was as if the sky answered Raizel's prayer, before he closed his eyes. Raizel could hear a very loud lightning strike right above his head."Death to all you ugly animals!" a loud curse was heard angrily from a woman.The pack of wolves that could not dodge fell to the ground with burnt bodies. There was not a single wolf left. The mysterious woman was relieved, she fell to her knees with her body covered in blood."Aisshh, you bastard! My energy is completely depleted after releasing the lightning earlier," The woman grumbled as she pummeled the rainwater-streaked gro
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What The Hell!
"Hmm," muttered the head thug who was thinking about considering Raizel's words. He leaned forward with his left hand stroking his chin."I'm willing to lose all my money savings, but please return that Dwikkoji to me!" Raizel tried to persuade the thug chief again. There was a desire within Raizel to fight to the death for the Dwikkoji.The long-haired man walked up to the head thug, he was personally interested in Raizel's offer. But, he couldn't decide and he could only turn to ask the chief thug, what decision he would make, "How about it, Chief?""Pretty impressive!" replied the thug chief with a sigh. He nodded, walking towards Raizel. When he was in front of Raizel it grabbed him by the collar while threatening, "If you dare to lie to me, I won't hesitate to chop your body up for fish food in the sea!"Raizel glared in horror, all his hairs standing on end. He nodded slowly and found it hard to get the words out, "T-trust me!""Ha ha, I like this!" laughed the thug chief happil
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Raizel with a different aura, eyes glowing like flames, jaw tightened with a deep, chilling voice that was very intimidating, "You must die!"The chief thug opened his mouth to reply to Raizel's words. However, no sound came out and only the movement of the open mouth like a glass cleaner fish."Nonsense!" cursed Yu. His consciousness back, he tried to think logically it raised the dagger. Then, he ran towards Raizel to stab him a second time.Raizel raised the corner of his lips, he moved one step to the side with his arms extended straight ahead. He grabbed Yu's neck, lifting him effortlessly until Yu's legs were floating in the air a few centimeters."L-let me g-go!" said Yu wearily. His neck was strangled so tightly, even he began to have trouble breathing. However, he continued to struggle while swinging the dagger to hurt Raizel's hand. Yu hoped that if Raizel's hand was injured, he could break free from the hold."Ha ha, stop it! Your efforts are just making me amused!" Raizel
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Arrested by the Police
"Corpse? Ohh gosh, whose corpse is this?""What a horrible death!""Oohh, what an unfortunate fate."Murmured the neighborhood residents who were already in Raizel's yard. They all gathered to witness the discovery of the corpse by the woman with various expressions. Some were curious, turned their faces away in horror, covered their noses and many more."Call an ambulance or the police!" an older man ordered. He squatted down and tapped her shoulder."Are you okay, girl?" The old man asked anxiously. He bent down, observing the woman who was curled up hugging her knees.The woman raised her head, she immediately turned her face and body opposite the corpse of the chief thug. Only then did she respond to the old man's question, "I-I'm quite well.""Please call the hospital, or whoever to take care of the corpse! I only found it, I'm not the culprit!" The woman shook her head while crying, she was still scared and didn't want to get involved with the corpse."Calm down, girl. We know y
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Everyone in the room was silent. Raizel was probably the only one who was the most nervous, as it was his first time committing murder. However, he believed the police didn't have much evidence to arrest him. So he continued his charade of playing dumb."Ahh, I just remembered something!" exclaimed the old man who managed to break the silence in the room. He stood up from his seat with a bright face, and a few seconds later turned somber."What do you know, old man?" the police asked probingly."For the past two weeks in our neighborhood there have been incidents similar to the case of the thug's death.""Really? So this isn't the first case!" exclaimed Moksee cutting off the old man's explanation. She was surprised by her high curiosity, even widening her eyes.Raizel also turned to the old man. He was intrigued by the explanation the old man was about to give."Tell us everything!" ordered the senior police officer as he sat up straight.The old man nodded, he began to explain, "A v
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Draco's anger
"Look, that guy is so handsome!""Wow, looks cool! Ohh, you turned your head toward me!""That's right. I agree with you, he's very cool, tall and very handsome. Who is he by the way?"Mumbled the 3 female students who wouldn't take their eyes off the man. Yumna could hear it clearly, she was getting so angry that she ran to block the young man's way."Hey, assho ...!" Yumna was unable to finish her tirade as the man's clear, piercing eyes stared down and drugged her."Hi, Yumna," the man greeted her with a flat face. Not wanting to get a sweet reply from Yumna, he quickly walked away.Yumna was mesmerized for a moment, she shook her head in amazement at having found such a handsome man during her college years. Yumna managed to get a hold of herself when she realized that he was leaving."Wait!" exclaimed Yumna. She caught up with the man and managed to stand before him. Yumna asked with a beaming face, "Raizel?""Ohh, my gosh! Is this really you?" asked Yumna as she looked at Raizel
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Draco frowned, he couldn't pull his legs up as something gripped him firmly. In fact, it was as if he was being held against a very hard object. Before Draco could see what was happening, Raizel pushed his legs forward."Boss!" screamed Draco's men simultaneously.Fortunately Viu arrived in time, he held Draco's body and prevented him from falling to the floor. Viu waited until Draco stood back up, then he asked anxiously, "Are you okay, Boss?"Draco nodded, then he quickly turned his gaze towards Raizel. His astonishment almost made him scream, because he saw Raizel still sitting on the chair without moving an inch."Wow, Raizel is tough!" muttered one of the students who was amazed at Raizel's strength."Shut up all of you, assholes! Get lost!" Viu snapped. He shooed away all the students in the classroom.Raizel's attention was distracted by Viu's actions. This time, it was he turn to be surprised, "Oohh, damn! What kind of creature is he?""Arggh, you asshole! How dare you ignore
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Hanna's Warning
A middle-aged man who still looked fit, dashingly stepped into the classroom. He looked straight at Raizel who was still standing upright with hiz foot on Draco's head unaffected by the sound of the lion's roar."Put your foot down!" pleaded the dashing, charismatic man. He was wearing a suit without a tie. Behind him were about 10 bodyguards standing at attention to protect their master. He felt both interested and angry towards Raizel.Raizel who was standing with his back to the door turned around with a shocked face that could no longer be hidden. He saw all the middle-aged male bodyguards in animal form. Raizel turned his whole body around while asking fearlessly, "What business do you have in the human world? Where did you come from?"The middle-aged man was quite surprised by Raizel's statement. He turned his head to the side, then he glanced at Raizel with a grin. The bodyguard beside him whispered, "That young man has very strong energy!""I understand Sigo An," the middle-ag
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