Legend Of The Young Warlock

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Legend Of The Young Warlock

By: Zuxian OngoingFantasy

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There was Xerxes II, a God-king, 7"2 tall, melanin skinned, with an aura and composure of a god. Who believes he could subdue the whole world with his one million army and make every king cower like a cornered animal before him. Including the great king of Agranah, Wealene. There was Wealene, who had the Western world under his whip, and loyalties of several notable allies whom he disposes off like you do garbage. But he often defies the gods and would stop at nothing in pleasing his only daughter, Malisa who was in love with a common Ostler, Kie. There was Kie, an indifferent and proud Ostler whose only reason of living was his sick mother. He hates the gods and ridicules all their works. But his solitary life was plunged into frenzy when the high-bid princess of his land fell in love with him, but he fell for her personal maid, Samantha. And the gods? They have a game, Mahjong, and would force Xerxes, Wealene and Kie to be their opponents. Their intentions were not far-fetched, make a son of Kie, the littlest of the three, with whom they would destroy the three men; Amyclodicle, the young Warlock. But Amyclodicle would not stop at annihilating the three, he would be a terror to the gods too. For he falls in love with A sex slave passed for sport amongst the gods, who lives on earth in disguise of an Alan; their message bearer. A tale of War, Love and Games (fate)!!!

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  • Chidot


    A wonderful read with awesome creatures

    2022-04-16 11:18:24
  • Zuxian


    Hey guys, there MIGHT be a long pause on this book, Max, a month. Then after that, usual update spree would resume. Thanks for your patience.

    2022-04-01 01:13:35
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111 chapters
Prologue - When Magic Wasn't A Myth
 "Huh?"He flinched, as a daze of light zoomed past his face. He turned immediately and caught the sight of the running creature. At first it seemed like a wild dog, but then the dog took a stray turn in the undergrowth, and suddenly he got the greatest shock of his life. A dog with the head of a lady."What in the world..."His jaws dropped as his eyes widened. For a moment he thought that his eyes were playing some tricks on him. But it occured to him that standing there would make no difference. And for some reason he couldn't place, he started running after the creature. A wild chase!As light as his soles were, their swiftness could do no justice to how keen he wanted to catch up with the giant, closely hairless and fleet-footed mysterious creature.The creature took another turn in a cluster of shrubs to foster a maneuver and lose him, but he leapt and almost landed on the creature's back. He fell on his side. He heard a faint cr
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Turned Hourglass
"Speak!"King Wealene's deep thick voice filled the room, sending sudden surges down the spines of the couple knelt before him. Seated on his portable golden throne, his brown eyes toned dark traced the jawlines of the husband.Speaking of qualities, he's a 5"2 short man with a protruding belly and no hair in between his head. One would think the hairs of his head had left their place intentionally. His face grim, hardly expressing his emotions.His moustache oddly sitting above his lips, giving him a face you would see in a cartoon character. Not only does his look tells about his personality, he is an obnoxious man that thinks of no one but himself and would go lengths to get what his daughter wants. She seems to get his grip."His greatness."The slender blond with a small but well cut face and fine eyes started, scarcely looking King Wealene in the eyes."I lost my husband to a terrible situation of the war last fought... that which our warriors
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Stranger Things
"You shouldn't try to believe me, Talia. Because even I know that it's madness."Kie had taken a pause earlier before he'd resumed. He was walking side by side with the brown horse with few laces of white stripes running through its long mouth. The horse was chewing, Kie's right palm on its stomach.He was returning home from the day's hunt. The caught Impala on the horse's back. His house was at the outskirt of the village, the first lone hut whose company was the thick, dense forest. Which means, if a man sought to leave the land, he would walk past his hut, if such was to use the route of the forest which led to another neighboring land. And also, if war was to break out, the hut was the very first victim.He shared the old hut with his mother. Twas her property. What she inherited from her late husband. And also, because of her persistent sickness, which had been declared by the king and his minions as contagious, the both of them couldn't live with the vill
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Rebellious Heart
The Next Day."Where is your mother, and your woman?"The strange man lying in bed rolled on his side to face Kie, who was seated on the stool, had his back to the bed, his hand busy on the sword."You're awake."He turned his head in the direction, his firm frame still retaining the work position."I take it that I sent her away."The stranger teased as Kie finally let the sword drop on the damp earth, he walked over the stool and headed for the bed. He helped the man sit up."Since you've stolen her bed, she decided to take a walk with Aoki... She's not my woman."He made clear as the fellow winced softly."Nobody wants the burden of a woman. Many just take it upon themselves for the sake of an heir, or a daughter for bounty advances."Kie scoffed and stood tall."I take it that you are healed already. I was already on my way to the day's business with Talia."The fellow tried to stand. He did with
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Game Of The Gods
A hut surrounded by four oak trees with witches' brooms."It's too dark in here."Elena, dressed in a smeared purple gown pushed opened the weak wooden door of the hut. She took two conscious steps in. Twas eventide and the sun was beginning to retreat, therefore the inside of the hut was clouded by gloom. But the faint orange rays of the sun still stole their ways through the tiny openings in the conjoined planks which made up the walls of the single room.Since the sun was still up, twas unusual that the room was si dark. There was only one definition to that. She didn't hold back the word,"There sure is magic here."She admitted as she took further bold steps into the room. The door shut itself suddenly behind her, sending a creepy shrill of fear through her spines."Anyone in? Sorcerer?"She was beginning to shiver. It smelt death in there and she could barely catch a sight of anything. She could only feel a thick darkness crawli
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A Dilemma
Malisa's Birthday."Yjah...!"A pressured grunt escaped the larynx of the broad shouldered, lanky fellow whose drawn sword was now stretched past his left thigh, its edge pointing at the earth."Yeah!!!!"The calling cheers of the crowds gave him a nudge towards his contender who took a step back, pushing his sword up his left shoulder, with every ounce of strength left in him, to hold back the heavy blow.Both men were dressed in Redcoats, black tops with metal buttons, trousers tucked into their large hunting boots. Their Shields held thoughtfully, knives at the left side of their waists and determined aura. Graced by gratifying cum tensed atmosphere. And a helmet which spared their visions."Ugh! He could do better."One of the crowds called. Twas two hours into the celebration of the princess' birthday. The spot of action was like a typical arena, only that it's circular, with rectangular wooden chairs for the spectators. The roya
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One Step Closer
The Next Day.~A dungeon~"Is it true what they say about you, stranger?"A pale faced man with smears all of his face, spearing the goatie, bulky eyes and pierced nose, called at Kie who was seated at the other end of the pit. The pale faced was opposite him, his back to the cold wall, a wierd and unnecessary smile feasting on the delicateness of his cheeks.Kie glared at him and looked away quickly. A side of him was buried in the wall, he would occasionally look up at the rim of bars at the top of the pit, covering the mouth of the pit.Earlier that day had they killed an adder which had crawled into the pit. And the next few moments comes with no promises for either of them. No guarantee or faults."Do you wish to remain silent until you hear your sentence?"The man came on again. Kie didn't spare him a glance this time. He continued,"You probably want me to tell you how I ended up here."He picked a stone with shar
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Secrets Of Passion
Later that day.~The dungeon~"You wretched bastard!"Samantha called from the mouth of the pit, kneeling at the side, half of her frame projecting into the length of the bars of iron covering the pit.Kie was the first to stand up before the pale faced. The voice registered in his consciousness. He'd heard that voice before."See who is here, the dog of her mistress.""The gods strike you down and make a mess of that your unbridled tongue, you wasted mead!"She struck by in rage. Kie chuckled, walking into the strands of orange rays idling at the centre of the pit."Why waste your time coming here when you can't master your own words? You aren't only a puppet of your miserable mistress but a slave of your rage and unfiltered tongue."She growled in rage and stood up from where she was. To Kie, twas as though she had left."You aren't strong after all."He mocked, his voice loud enough to rip the cover of t
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The Palace.~King Wealene and Kie~"Go bring the retarded fool!"Wealene barked an order at Jaith who hurried away, out of the Palace. He took a turn at the left side of the palace building and turned at the end of that block. He strode towards the wooden gate behind the Palace building into the lone garden where all hideous pits and hides were located. Pits which held the dark secrets of the king's pasts.There was a pit which contained several wild animals that fed on themselves whenever the king refused to provide them meals. And one of the numerous pits held the skulls of all the people he had ordered killed with tags of their names hanging over them. Including the bones of the great Soothsayer, Ama et Azholophased."Fools, rise."Jaith called, getting to Kie's and the pale faced's pit. He had grabbed a gallon of water and had turned in into the pit as soon as he got there."Pray to the gods that Wealene spare your lives."
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Kie's Hut."Shamaica?"Kie queried, staring blankly at the dragon-woman who had just transformed before him. It hadn't been more than few minutes since they arrived at his mother's hut, wrapped around her handful bosom.Shamaica was his long-time admirer in whom he took no delight. He had never taking a delight in any lady in all his life.Charlene Shamaica (Kie's stalker) was a blond. 5"5, thick and curvy, oblong face, silver eyes, button nose, and soft medium lips. She loved Kie so genuinely and would do anything to make him hers, even being a terror to several other ladies who would not take love as war. No matter how many times she was rejected by him, she kept giving it her best. Everyone who claimed to love Kie was her worst enemy, a nightmare to her. And she wouldn't back down unless she goes down.She used to be very ugly and without focus, a seamstress kicked about like some balls by almost every one who hired her. But one summer, she disa
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