Chapter 15

After being able to move, Khalid was sure that Orean the cause of what happened to him, so the moment that he was able to move he went to the door that, Orean looked at the person that hit him and said “look at what you have done now he will run away before hearing my request”

The woman said “ are you kidding me, you kidnapped that young man, and what do you think will do after you did something like that to him do you think that he would listen to anything you would say after doing something like that”

Orean could not think of a response for that but yet he could not just take it like that so he started to yell thinking if he did that she just would let it go and not argue with him but she couldn’t take it any longer and she started to yell back at him.

After fifteen minutes of yelling at each other the woman notices that Khalid returned to the room that they were in she was surprised as to why he would do such a thing so she said “why did you come back”

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