Losts With Twelve Sins

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Losts With Twelve Sins

By: HARIHON OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Derrick is gifted a force after exile and today, He is disguised as a flight attendant to save twelve wealthy hot ladies, who are heirs of top incorporations, including his wife to be, despite his warnings concerning a coup... They all looked down on him and never gave him ears to understand him, not until they encountered a terrible plane crash into an unknown island, where Derrick learns that he is the only man alive with the rest of the twelve girls, who now all are dependent on him for their protection. But how can he protect them? Without a bad sweet taste of them all!?

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55 chapters
Chapter 01
Derricks screams as he falls through the air.He could see his son in his arms and he cried.Because his son was now deceased.He at this point knew he was dreaming!His heart began pacing deeply in fear but he soon woke up to realize it was indeed a dream."Serve Miss Nina." A voice wakes instructs him.This was an unknown force that Derrick got after his son was murdered.He got up from the couch and headed there.Miss Nina was Derrick's secret Lover.They had huge plans for each other too.Plans to escape together and be happy.This explained Derrick's Constant nightmares.Derrick headed to her room and knocked over her door while he licked on his lips seductively, wetting it wholesomely as he waited to greet his lover.The woman he was so ready to be with forever.But little did Derrick know how far his dreams with Nina would end up be like.The mansion gave him a mood so he was always in the mood to sneak and visit his Nina. Despite promising himself to avoid her.He beeped at N
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Chapter 02
Derrick never had empty headed plans.But one thing that scared him was the Brittons.Before his marriage with Nina.The Britton's were responsible for the death of his son and now they're back again?Derricks was up to exposing their grand plan.Good thing Derrick wasn't what they thought he was, although shockingly, Derrick gets told by Nina that Triumphant was a bisexual man."I did you wrong Nina and I am sorry, your grandfather could identify me in so many dimensions and I decided to give love a try again by protecting you and so far." Derrick shares."I can only tell you that you can't marry Triumphant Britton, he is a bad person." Derrick says to Nina who kept looking at his body.At this Moment... Derrick felt defeated, as he had thoughts that Nina would reject him."I don't know how I can prove how evil the Britton's are but you need to trust me... They attempted to kill me and also caused my son... Nacon to die." Derrick said before he burst into tears.He picks his things u
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Chapter 03
Derrick kept his cool as Everyone could not understand if Mrs. Nathan was outraged or if she was sad about the revelation."He is your son inlaw and you will respect my grandfather's approval of our marriage." Nina said bluntly in a crying tone to her grandma."Mr. Derrick, how much do you need to Disappear from my granddaughter's life?" Mrs. Nathan asked him."With just one million dollars, I will leave and bring you back to glory." Derrick said to her and she found it Gold Digging of him."Wow! You even dare to ask me for money!" Mrs. Nathan said, mocking Derrick.Derrick and Nina were too bold as Mrs. Nathan was having her birthday, they did not only not prepare any gifts for her, and Derrick even dared to open his mouth and ask Mrs. Nathan to lend him money."You're the only poor Son Inlaw my husband accepted in our great family." She abuses him.But they didn't understand that Derrick had a unique heart, because her insults or the mockery he was facing did not change the fact tha
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Chapter 04
Derrick was worried about his Wife."No! What I want is for this bastard to name his price and leave so that you can terminate the marriage your grandfather stamped with him and marry Triumphant Britton, because he will help us better!" Mrs Nathan said to Nina in her full glory.Derrick stared back at Nina who was full of words about the man her grandmother wanted for her instead... Knowing fully well that Mr. Triumphant Britton wasn't into women nor had he ever made attempts to touch her in the past.She knew Triumphant Britton had plans to help, but from listening to Derrick and seeing how powerful her husband was... She had to trust Derrick."Mr. Triumphant Britton sent his birthday gift! A La Peregrina Pearl worth eleven million dollars." The attendant offered the jewellery to Mrs. Nathan who was full of shock."Oh my god, La Peregrina Pearl!" She screams excitedly as she stretches her hand collecting the jewellery from the attendant.The entire family kept silent as they would ne
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Chapter 05
Derrick felt as though he ran mad!It was hard to believe if it was true at all.He couldn't believe that he came from such a family, despite knowing back then that his family was well respected for their wealth, he didn't expect that they were that rich, or in this case extremely wealthy.He definitely couldn't tell of the amount of money they had back as it felt regular for him but then now… He knew.If his upkeep money was six trillion dollars per week then the amount of how much his family was worth could be quadrillions, definitely an uncountable amount of money that isn't fixed or exposed to the public due to the properties they owned.He fell speechless but he was overjoyed of what he was going to do next.Because he had made Nina his official wife but thinking of the death of his mother who died after getting rejected by his grandfather who forced his dad, pained him and to think his father was now dead too, hurt him to the core.He felt really bad because he never got to say
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Chapter 06
Derrick lets out a cold smile.His eyes were fixated to the ground."Don't tell them who you are yet, face the pain and shock them all." The voice in Derrick's head says as he looks at Nina and her parents who were furious as they glared at him.Derrick was definitely going to listen to his system warning and that was because he had to be careful as he doesn't know who might harm or disrupt his plans If he Exposes himself."I apologise for Nina's words including what today, we both just felt that it was the right thing to do." Derrick said as he bows showing respect to his in-laws."I see that you love to chit-Chat! No one needs your apologies, just pick yourself and smell out!" Nina's mother rages back at him."That's your son in-law, talk to him with respect, he is my husband, mother!" Nina defended Derrick as she stood in his front."Shut up! what do you know?" She asked."He is absolutely trash!" Her mother fired."A Poor man!" Nina's father added."Nothing but Garbage!" Her mothe
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Chapter 07
Derrick was full of Emotions for Nina.He wondered what kind of woman Nina was… for her to love him so much even though she thought he was poor… Nina represented the woman he has been looking for all his life and he was going to keep and crown her as him forever.She made him realise that she didn't see him as a poor man but as her husband and that only made him feel safer with her."You're still hard." Nina said as grabbed Derrick's dick which was inside his silk boxers before she began to suck on it."Concerning your friend who you said could help you out with getting an investor, where were you able to talk to him?" Nina asked Derrick who understood her worry."The person was actually not just my friend but my uncle and no, I wasn't able to talk to him, I didn't have money to approach him then and he's a different kind of person you don't want to deal with." Derrick said, thinking about his uncle's life."Okay, about your granny, have you been able to pay for hospital bills though?
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Chapter 08
He tried to hold his words but he couldn't."Oh what brought you guys here?" Derrick asked Vera who stood with her Fiance."What are you guessing!" Vera asked, giving Derrick an open teeth smile."You're here to do business?" Derrick asked and she nodded, locking her eyes at him."Andrew family's company has a corporation with the Xazin, so we thought it would be cool for us to help out, and see if we can get Nathan the contract." Vera said as held onto Derrick's hand.Derrick gave out an awkward smile as he stared even at Andrew who carried hatred and fit over his face to lash at him.Derrick knew this could be as a result of him not being with his family, so definitely weird corporations were bound to be in effect, although now he was the fucking boss!"Wow, that's such good news to find out… How loving of you." Derrick said as he dashed his crushing Vera a warm smile."Enough of the holding!" Andrew, who had gotten fed up with the fact that it was obvious Vera kept drooling at Derr
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Chapter 09
Derrick Smiled as he looked at Emelda thinking of his order.He Wondered if he could trust her with his plans to ruin his enemies."You can trust her." The voice in Derrick's head tells him and he walks towards Emelda"I want you to invite the press here so this can be televised worldwide, use the security officers to humiliate them, call them goats and spit on their faces before throwing both Mr. Andrew and his Fiancee out!" Derrick said as he looked into Emelda's eyes.They had funnily forgotten how to humiliated him in front of his contracted wife.Derrick hated that upon the humiliation they made him face back then, they still came back to abuse and publicly downgrade him into a rag, in his own incorporation? Never!She was shocked at how upset Derrick must have been and could tell that they must have probably hurt Derrick to want that for her to do the them?"Will that be all?" Emelda asked, surprising Derrick who was giving the order."Not exactly, but ensure that you terminate
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Chapter 10
"Sir, what made you act so irresponsibly?" A newscaster asked Mr. Andrew."Hello Ma, is Mr. Andrew a woman beater, does he hurt you like this too?" The annoying Newscaster kept asking."Stay away from me!" Andrew said as he kicked one of the reporters."It seems Mr. Andrew has run mad." One of the reporters said before been punched by Mr. Andrew who was so furious."Do you know who I am?" He shouted."You can't terminate our partnership." Mr. Andrew said as Emelda walked to him, slamming the termination papers over his chests and he charged towards her."Andrew!" Vera called out worried."They're belittling us!" Andrew shouted."Due to your nuisance and mental incapability, security!" Emelda orders."Throw this filthy garbage out!" Emelda said as the angry securities rushed to Andrew and his Fiancee."Now this fool will now know who he is, the real goat around here, illiterates!" Emelda added as the security officers dragged Mr. Andrew so terribly and Vera out of the building like dir
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