My Dragon Gene

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My Dragon Gene

By: MidnightWolfe OngoingSystem

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Ethan Dracon, the fourth dragon prince, was nicknamed "trash of the dragon royal family" because he couldn't awaken his dragon gene. He was bullied by his stepbrothers daily, and he lost his honor in the Draconian Empire as one of the youngest genii. But all that changed when he encountered the first dragon progenitor. He was later sent to earth to become a powerhouse there, but things didn't go out as planned because humans have evolved, and they now have superhumans that only appeared in fantasy. But if he needs to establish himself on earth, he must first take out the most powerful people on earth, the pure-bloods. He had thought that was his only concern until vampires, demons, elves, aquarians, the purebloods, and gods sought out his head. Follow Ethan as he fights all these odds and establishes himself on Earth. --- This novel would be posted one or two times daily, and it's not haram, though the protagonist would have plenty of love interests.

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The Trash of Dragon Family
Chapter 1The stench of blood and vomit filled the previously white room, now only a trail of red liquid dripping down from the wall, forming a blood trail.A river of blood covered the ground, leaving no space for the previously white floor to show, and a faint red bulb gave the room a sinister, ominous reddish glow.It was a torture room.In the middle of the room, a square-shaped, blood-stained fighting platform stood.On the platform, a young boy was tied upside down with a rope connected to the ceiling.Two youngsters, identical to each other, were hitting the boy with all kinds of skills. The punches seemed like they wouldn't stop any moment now.The boys stood opposite each other, punching the boy tied like a punching bag. It looked like they were sharing hits, tossing the boy from one to the other with punches and kicks. The tied-up boy was bloody from head to toe, looking like a blood-covered creature. The only way to identify the boy as human was by his figure.The punches c
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The Mission
Chapter 2"What!? That's suicide!!" Lewis said, almost screaming. Everybody present in the hall thought the same. First of all, dragons are very protective of their offspring, and they wouldn't mind killing a few humans to protect their children.Kane kept his cool, but even he was having an inner dilemma as well. With a smug expression on his face, he said, "We can handle the mission, but I don't think a certain person can," Kane said, tilting his head towards Ethan with a smirk."Well, since he's a member of the royal family and our little brother, we would protect him."If an outsider hears this, they will think Kane is a loving and caring brother, but Ethan knew what he meant. He simply meant because no one will come to your aid, I'd kick your a$$ in the forest.After the mission briefing, they were led into a circular-looking airship, an airship that was empowered with beast crystals. It simply floats in the air, so it does not need many mechanisms.The Dragon Empire had amounted
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Meeting An Ancient Dragon
Chapter 3"Now that the trash is dealt with, why don't we hunt some dragon eggs?" Kane said in a cheerful tone as they ventured deeper into the forest.Inside a gloomy cave...Ethan's eyelid slowly twitched slightly before it finally opened."Is this the afterlife?" he asked, but there was no answer, only his voice echoing in the empty cave. He checked himself and discovered that all his bruises were healed."So I am dead?"He sluggishly picked himself up from the ground before he strode deeper into the cave. The cave had skeleton parts scattered all over the ground, and anytime Ethan stepped on one, a squishing sound echoed in the cave, and the bone turned into dust.A fairly large spider web extended from the cave ceiling slowly before it finally landed on Ethan's head."Shit." Ethan jolted back as he violently ruffled his hair. The spider fell to the ground before it hastily crept on top of the bones and disappeared into the dark cave."It's just a spider, huh? I thought it was a s
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A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 4: Immediately, Ethan woke up. His head throbbed as if someone had used a hammer on it.He slowly stood up from the altar-like platform."Where am I?" Ethan muttered to himself, and the next moment, his memories gradually flooded his empty brain."Was it a success?" Ethan wondered aloud as he checked his body, and he noticed how light and toned his body had become; it felt as though he had gone through an evolution.Ethan swept his gaze around the hall, trying to find the ancient dragon. After looking for some seconds, he called out, "Ancestor."There was no answer, so he called out once more."Ancestor."This time, a voice interrupted him, and it wasn't just any voice because it sounded in his head."I am inside you now," Rowena said aloud in his head."What? how?" A look of surprise crossed Ethan's face."It is my remaining consciousness; it would guide you on how to master your powers, and by the way, you now have a tattoo on your back," Rowena voiced out."Can you please
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He Is Alive!
Chapter 5"Why?" Ethan stared at the strange-looking mask. The mask was separated by black and red on each side. The mask had long horns protruding from the top and long, sharp fangs that extended out of its mouth. Its eyes looked like the eyes of a predator and a demon.T"his mask will be very useful to you. Just trust me. I know what I am doing," Rowena said."You know it better than I do, and it was yours before, anyway."Ethan shrugged and put the mask in his inventory.He passed through various weapons. He halted when he got to the end of the hall. He was awestruck by what he saw next: a contact lens."What the hell is this stuff doing here?" he furrowed his brows."These are the Demi-God's tier. It can evaluate your strengths and attributes. It can also help you use your abilities more easily with just a command. Let me say it is similar to those systems in fantasy novels." Rowena said enthusiastically."There is a downside to this. If it's worn, you won't be able to remove it,
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The Humans Also Evolved
Chapter 6[ User: Ethan Dracon ][ Race: Dragon ][ Rank: Half Dragon Lv1 10 ][ Skills: none ][ Strength: 5 ][ Agility: 5 ][ Stamina: 5 ][ Charm: 50 ][Shop] [Tutorial]“How can I level up?” Ethan asked.“By channeling your dragon gene, as I said before, it’s not a system that gives quests but keeps a tab of your attributes,” Rowena replied.“Wait, why are you the one answering me?” Ethan asked, confused.“I kind of fused with the system, so we are one now,” replied Rowena.“I hope he won’t be able to read my thoughts.” It would be so weird, Ethan thought.“OK, you were talking about channeling.”“Yes, each Draconian has a Dragon core within them. The larger the core, the stronger the dragon becomes. You are supposed to know this,” Rowena said.“I know. I just wanted more insight.” He exited the screen and entered the shop screen. Different kinds of things were listed there.[ Dragon healing pills » 20 points ][ Dragon channeling potions » 100 million points ]He could see some
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First Level Up
Chapter 7Ethan had been secluded inside his room, practicing the basics. He could be seen throwing punch after punch in the air, followed by kicks.His movements had become a little swifter since he merged with the ancient dragon.He finally rested after training for two days.He came out of his room, walked past the familiar photo hallway, and stood on the balcony, watching the massive blue ocean.Despite the castle being on a volcano, the air was still fresh, and a sweet lavender scent filled the air.Thud, thud, thud.Ethan heard the sound of footsteps approaching him, accompanied by a deadly killing intent.He felt as if a person was about to stab him from behind, so he turned around. Liam stood there with his hands behind his back.“How did you survive?” Liam squinted his eyes.“Oh, I was saved by our ancestor,” Ethan flashed an annoying smile.“Don’t joke with me!” Liam’s chest heaved up and down. Then, he tried to hold Ethan’s neck, but the latter dodged quickly to the left, c
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Chapter 8Currently, Ethan was walking past the huge hallway of the castle. On the walls, various red dragon sculptures could be seen. They were present in all of the hallways.Strange red beast crystals could be seen etched on the ceiling from which light brightened the castles.The hallway was filled with numerous servants, both male and female, in red silk attire with a huge dragon head on their chest.Ethan walked down the hallway, the servants by his side, with his head held high.Someone recently told him to never keep his head down, as that is a sign of weakness. Great men always keep their heads held high, regardless of the situation, and it gives them a confident appearance, at least according to Rowena."Look at him, acting all mighty." The servants mumbled to each other when they walked past him a few meters. But they forgot the dragons had sensitive hearing.Ethan saw Kane coming toward him with a large arrogant smile across his face. He made brief eye contact with him and
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Need for strength
Chapter 9“Your mom would have been proud of you if she was here,” Aldric said while tapping on the metal seat by his side.They were currently seated in one of the spectator seat rows.“Well, she is not here, is she?” Ethan said, staring at the empty fighting platform.Aldric flashed a smile. “She was so fond of you, you know.”“That is what you always told me.”Aldric ignored his tone and said, “I know you might be thinking she doesn’t love you.”“She does?”“Yes, she does, and in fact, cherished you more than her own life.” Aldric shifted his gaze to Ethan’s face, who was still staring at the space in front of him.“Any time you get bullied, I feel my heart throbbing. My sister, your mother, sacrificed a lot for you. That is why you need to become powerful so that you can make her proud, and I see you are already making progress.” Aldric stood up and faced Ethan again.“Ethan, stay safe.” And with that, he walked away.Ethan still sat there, staring in the same direction. He needs
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Entering Earth!
Chapter 10The four Dragon princes were currently seated at a round table.The atmosphere was quite tense, to the extent that a pin drop would echo.Lewis, seated at the side, glared at Ethan with a mixture of shock, fear, and hatred.Ethan was minding his own business, as usual, and Liam was quite cautious in front of Ethan.He didn’t mock Ethan the way he usually did; he dared not act arrogant after the confrontation.Kane stared at Ethan. He’d been doing it the whole time, trying to figure out just what was different about Ethan. His eyes suddenly squinted as he saw a glimpse of Ethan’s tattoo.Kane had beaten Ethan on several occasions, so he knew just what Ethan’s body looked like. He also noticed Ethan’s now-defined muscles, and now the whole thought just seemed confusing."Just what are you hiding? What happened to you? "The large double doors soon opened wide, and Aldric walked through them. He entered and took his usual spot beside the large seat.“I am not going to beat aro
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