Worlds Saga: The Great Son-in-law, Rising Dragon

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Worlds Saga: The Great Son-in-law, Rising Dragon

By: OmnipotentDad OngoingSystem

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Shi Yan was an orphan from the time he could remember. He was bullied to the point that he needed to leave his school. Working in a fast food restaurant for a few years, he saw someone that he knew from childhood. The two of them started to go out with each other, but then, after months of dating, his heart was broken by that scene, his one and only love was...

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  • Mark Crompton


    please sort out your mistake. you've posted chapters for your other book for this book.

    2023-09-01 03:54:41
  • King Mohammed


    Highly recommend!

    2023-06-08 03:56:09
  • Bernard


    I am liking the book as of now. I wonder whether or not he will be successful in the future.

    2023-06-30 02:55:17
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162 chapters
Chapter 1: Shi Yan's Unrequited Love.
It was a sunny day, the restaurant is quite packed as orders kept on filling up. Even as a fast-food restaurant with more than 100 employees, none of them couldn't even get free time."D*mn it, the boss should hire more people, the restaurant is too big for just us to work here." A server complained while wiping the table."Yeah, half of us are even being sent to deliver outside." Another server added. He was helping him and as both of them were complaining, they still kept a smile on their faces.Shi Yan, who's the head of their team couldn't help but chuckle as he nodded: "Yeah, but I mean, the salary is good, so I can't complain much.""Yeah, here's our captain alright!" The other two servers couldn't help but chuckle.Shi Yan is a 20-year-old man, sadly, he couldn't graduate from college as he was bullied by many middle and high-class people. Even with his scholarship, he was treated like a bug just for being an orphan.In the university which he thought could change his life for
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Chapter 2: Love?
Seeing his smiling face while looking at the number, the crew under him couldn't help but chuckle as they started speaking."Hey, hey, the captain seemed to had received something great, his smiling face is creepy.""Who can guess what it is?""This is a famous restaurant, maybe a girl's number?""Hey, that's too far, maybe he just received a smile from a beautiful girl?"Shi Yan hearing this couldn't help but shout at them: "Hey! Stop rambling there and finish your work!""Already done!" All of his crew members shouted in unison."Then pack up! We have one more room to clean!""YES!"As they all packed up and left, guests are starting to go inside as well.As they left, the last two women looked at him, and one of them remarked."Hey, look, he's quite cute.""Yeah, but he's just a staff, you won't have any bright future with him.""Yeah, sadly."Shi Yan's smile vanished as he looked at the ground, he slightly bowed at the customers and closed the door.His expression changed but then
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Chapter 3: Six Months Later
As they were walking home, the two were rather quiet.'What do I do in this kind of situation...' Shi Yan asked himself as he kept sweating.Noticing his obvious behavior, Yenan couldn't help but smile inside. The stiff man beside her was too obvious, still, she reached out and held his hand.The two of them immediately blushed as they started walking while holding hands.As they reached the train station, Yenan suddenly asked: "Umn, are you living alone?"Shi Yan nodded his head: "Yeah, as you know, I'm an orphan.""Yeah." Yenan nodded, then, her face blushed a bit as she continued: "It's too late now, and my roommate had brought someone back to our room, so I think I won't be able to sleep properly.""Y-your apartment is near my university?" Yenan asked.Hearing this, Shi Yan was stunned for a bit, his face slightly reddened and asked: "Which university are you in right now?"Yenan replied: "The Holy Matriarch University."Shi Yan thought about it and nodded his head: "Yeah, it's c
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Chapter 4: Let's Break Up.
"What's that noise?" As he was busy pounding Yenan, he heard a noise outside and couldn't help doing his thing. Yenan slumped on the floor as the man stopped pounding her. She looked at with exhausted eyes: "What is it?" "I heard a noise." The man responded. She looked out: "Must be the delivery?" The man looked at the door and chuckled: "The door was slightly opened, you forgot to lock it?" She frowned: "Not me." The man smiled, went to the door and after checking, he chuckled: "The door is busted, it can't be locked." He immediately opened the door and checked outside. "No one's here." He said. Yenan put some of her clothes out, then checked out as well. She then noticed by the side of the door is a package and a gift bag. "The foot seemed to have arrived, there's also a gift bag here." Yenan took and brought it inside. The man chuckled: "Must be a gift to pay us for the show." Yenan rolled her eyes and opened the bag. The man smiled: "The food is here, let's eat." "
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Chapter 5: Change Of Fate
One week later.Shi Yan had not gone to work for a whole week now.He's currently feeling lost right now.Six months, the only time he had cherished in his twenty whole years of living.The feeling that he received during those times were ones that he had received for the first time.Yet, it was betrayed.Everything he thought would make his world go round vanished in a single day.Questions started popping up in his head, is life even worth living?He had no family, lover, or relatives.The number of friends he has is even less than five.He doesn't even know now which of them is even real.Everything around him, he had started questioning.Dzzzzt! Dzzzzt!At this time, his phone started ringing for the 6th time this week.He drove Yenan away, but deep down inside, he wished to hug her forever, to latch into one last hope.But what happened seriously destroyed him inside.Weakly, he reached out to his phone and started reading his messages.[Big Fatso Min: Yow! Not going to work wit
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Chapter 6: The Connections
Fifteen minutes to his ride, the sky had already darkened. "Mister." Shi Yan called. "Call me Jackal, Young Master Shi Yan, I'm but a small person within the organization," Jackal replied. "T-then, Jackal, do you know anything about my current circumstances?" Shi Yan asked, he paused for a bit before adding: "Truthfully, I'm still quite confused why you guys are sure that it's me and not just a person with the same name, I'm also an orphan without any history." Jackal smiled: "Young master, I can't tell you much not because I don't want to, but like I said, I'm a nobody." "Still, we only know that we need to protect you even at the cost of our life." "Umn, about your current circumstances, there are a few people from the higher place that had watched over you." "And, I think they have absolute confidence in your identity, as for anything else, we don't know much." "That... thanks." Shi Yan replied. Jackal nodded his head and didn't say anything more. Soon, they arrived. The
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Chapter 7: Preparing
"This..." Shi Yan couldn't take everything at the moment.Nara then changed the subject slightly: "If you were to save those people from starvation, what would you like to purchase?""Um... rice, water, and salt? If I have a few other necessary ingredients, It would be great." Shi Yan replied subconsciously.Nara nodded: "As I had expected, it's porridge.""After my research about you, I also came to the same conclusion.""Hence, I've purchased them already and they are ready to be transferred.""Rice worth 912,000 cronz a total of 300,000 sacks of them, as for water, we've already ordered clean water tanks and could be used by you already for 90,240 cronz, as for ingredients, we've already spent a total of 12,000 cronz." Nara read her notes.She paused for a bit and added: "Also, we've bought 2,912,280 cronz worth of meat and had been stored completely, it'll be used for special cases like rewarding people for their good work to encourage workers to do better work." "Of course, ever
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Chapter 8: Another World!
Shi Yan is currently standing in front of a normal door.Nara then said: "If you open the door, it'll open up another portal, you can go through it, I think all preparations are done."Tarun then added: "As for your revenge story, I'd like to make preparation myself, but if you have your plans, we can go with that.""This..." Shi Yan pondered for a bit before adding: "I want you to form ties with their corporation, the bigger the plan, the better, but not too big.""I just want to implant in them a certain false hope that their company will rise before I pull out of the project later on.""I also want to have revenge on that person." As he spoke to this, his complexion changed once more. To think that the person that bullied him in high school still bullies him to this day."I want to bully him to the very end, does he have a person he likes? Or is currently going out with him? How about special people to him?" Shi Yan asked.Turan replied: "Well, his little sister is already 18 and
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Chapter 9: Accepting His First Inheritance.
Shi Yan followed the two of them to the main mansion. Now that he looked at it, this place bears almost the same appearance as the mansion from his word, it looked like a small city. They then arrived on top of the mansion where the view is even greater. As he watched from atop, he noticed that the place where the servants went is more of a deserted wasteland, while the other part is filled with lush trees, mountains, and rivers. "The two place is vastly different." Shi Yan uttered. Yana nodded her head: "Master, we're in the middle of the Seven Grand Empires, two are ruled by humans, two are ruled by the demon race, one is ruled by the elves, and two more are ruled by beast clan." "D*mn, that's a lot of empires." Shi Yan remarked. He then pondered for a bit before adding: "So, are they all at war?" Garun smiled: "Not in a war, but they have conflicts amongst each other." Yana then added: "Right, we're in the center of all of them, but they won't attack us in any way, we're fr
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Chapter 10: Meeting The Envoys
After clothing himself up, Shi Yan still couldn't get over the event that happened to him.His brain is still wrecking him with a painful feeling like hundreds of needles kept scratching at it repeatedly."Master, the envoys are about to arrive," Yana spoke and broke his silence.Shi Yan nodded his head: "But... I still can't think properly."Yana smiled: "That's even better, you just have to wear your armor and sit at the hall.""Okay... wait, what do you mean even better?" Shi Yan asked."Don't worry about the small stuff, here'." Yana smiled and handed him a set of black armor with crimson leather and a cape, it's also together with a dragon helmet covering everything but the eyes.Yana smiled and continued once more: "Well, you could rest and appear in the grand hall, no need to talk, you can leave the rest to me.""Also, if you find anything that I've said not to your liking, you can tell us after the meeting with the envoys is done.""We want you to act as mysterious as you can
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