Wolfpire Upgrade System

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Wolfpire Upgrade System

By: Sunny Minds OngoingSystem

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When a ruthless alien tribe threatens to conquer Earth, one man must rise up and fight for the fate of humanity. Sunny Raven, a reluctant hero with incredible powers, faces his greatest challenge yet as he battles the alien invaders and confronts his own inner demons. But as the world around him descends into chaos and despair, Sunny discovers the true meaning of heroism, sacrifice, and the power of forgiveness. Can he overcome his own doubts and unite a divided world in the face of an extraterrestrial threat? Don't miss this thrilling system and sci-fi adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end

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  • Ezekwem Raphael


    Excellent masterpiece! Very intriguing and informative.

    2023-05-27 05:11:17
  • Joseph ujam


    Great master piece but slow updates please can you update faster?

    2023-05-10 19:50:25
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5 chapters
Home was home
"Must I always have stalkers on me?" Sunny wondered. Even though he heard no footsteps or any other sounds from anything animate, he was so sure that he was being followed. But who was it, and what does anyone want from him this time?He stopped for a brief moment before continuing to walk down the lonely alleyway. He did not know how possible it was, but he was so sure that whatever was following him was continuously drawing nearer. He turned sharply to at least catch a glimpse of what it was before it ducked or hid, but just like earlier, behind him was an empty alleyway so silent, just as it had always been."What the hell, you cowardly piece of shit. If you really want to get something from me, why don't you do it in an open confrontation? Why do you prefer to hide behind me and continue coming closer whenever I turn my back? Don't you think attacking me from behind is too brazen?" He screamed but got no response asides the echo of his voice which kept bouncing back to him.After
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Gradually, his consciousness returned to him. Everything was calm just like he had expected the afterlife to be; so cold and lonely. Lucky enough for him, since he was already dead, he would find comfort and solace in his momma's embrace and just that would give him the warmth he required.He didn't open his eyes at once; he first smiled at his expectations which was of course seeing his mother's smiling face first on opening his eyes. Next, little by little, he let his tightly shut eyelids loose then with a little more effort he pushed his eyes open and just like he had expected, his mother was sitting next to where he lay patiently waiting eagerly for him to open his eyes."Mama." He hollered softly with a dreamy voice. He was so glad that he really saw her first. Unfortunately, this half dreaming state of his faded away. When he spoke, his senses awoke fully ushering the full reality to him; the same reality where his mom was no more. He no longer had a Mama to cover him up so h
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Grand departure
"Sunny you aren't leaving home until you make your hair look much more better than this. Why do you derive pleasure in looking like a weirdo?" This has been his mother's anthem almost every morning whenever he thought he was set to leave for townside where his school and many other amenities they needed for survival was located. "In response to this, he would smack his head with his palms, mutter some words of insults to himself in regret forgetting that once more however, this does not stop him from forgetting again a day or two days later.Vera, his mother, starved and overworked herself to ensure that he had the best of the things she considered most important in his life. This always met the envy of many people and added to the dislike many already had for them.Most kids of his age including those who were born by richer parents, endured the qualms of being enrolled in a school at home yet, the pauperized lady had her child enrolled in a school at townside considered exotic by ev
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The Military Academy
In response to the unprecedented attack by the Namhors, the planetary invaders, humans began a mass recruitment of willing people into the earth's military force. The military force and every other offensive and defensive forces of all countries were synthesized into a single force for the sole purpose of fighting against the planetary invaders whenever they come attacking once more.At the moment, the earth's was enjoying a peaceful moment but no one doubted that it wouldn't last for in several occasions, irregular moments of peace was observed in between the heated clashes and nothing differentiated those earlier moments of brief peace from now.Although several theories had been put out, the actual reason for the attacks of the, Namhors enemies of human kind on humans was unknown. The only known fact was that they would return and when they do, humans would suffer great losses. Many fear that soon enough, many human youths would be conscripted into the earth's military force or ev
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After being dealt devastating blows by Namhors in their first clashes, humans sought alternative sources of power and only then did they suprisingly discover some truths in the existence of magic. In fact, magic was discovered amongst humans. It was not in the form widely known by many which was casting of evil spells but magicians were able to do things beyond the natural without much difficulty. To make it more acceptable to many humans, these powers were termed abilities.Science found facts and useful theories in many arts which had been written off by some religions as devilish. Both people who possessed such powers and those which could not be explained by science were pleaded with to join the earth's military. Some shared their powers in the form of seals and imparted knowledge of it to others using mediums such as magical books while others who believed sharing of powers could be damaging were more secretive about theirs.When the art of magic became widely spread it was disc
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