"Come together y'all."

        He couldn't count them. He wasn't sure whether or not he could. The wolves were swaying towards them. Were they the wolves Lycaon talked about? He couldn't be sure. His heart was in his mouth. He obviously was the eldest, and the mates, even the pack was in his palms. He would tell what would be or not. Whatever he say would be the intiator of whatever they were supposed to be. Whatever their fates was supposed to be. He didn't have much time to think. There was nothing to think. He knew he was too weak for it. He looked towards Pelasgus, he simply wasn't interested. Twas littered all over his face. He didn't hide it. He had no idea what had become of his brother. He didn't use to be like that. He used to be great. He used to be a man of valour. He used to be a dean of affluence. He used to champion courses back then in the agora of the gods. Lycaon had simply ta

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