"Been two days he's gone, what do we do?"

      Athena was acting a Luna for the time being. That was not supposed to be? Well! The pack rule was different there. Dribus, the elder brother or Pelasgus was supposed to be in charge. Pelasgus was no interested. He was yet trying to snap outta his shock and blows he had received from the attack. He was sure that so many of them had no idea what he was going through. So many would never trail a track of his own rage. Twas beyond getting hurt or falling. But being violated. His instinct was violated as well as his rage. He should be mad at everyone. Probably he should be mad at the wolves who were supposed to be the security. He had no idea what they were doing when they were attacked: himself and Lycaon, his son. Matter-of-factly, they just finished having a meeting that day. He remembered that the Rogue was taken away by the security. Probably he wouldn't be

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