He screamed. Twas kinda like a shriek that almost ripped off the robes of the forest. He felt violated and annihilated. He felt fooled and played. He was trying his best to be sane enough to ignore the odds of the things that are happening. He was trying to forget what he had seen. He couldn't help it. The more he tried, the lesser he seemed to control. The more he tried to be strong, the weaker he was. He had no time for games, but the pains wouldn't bid adiue to him. He had no idea what to do. He had no idea what would happen. He was hoping that he would forget it. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to be taunted by the feeling all his life. He was hoping that things would toss new ideas at him. He was hoping that the forest would whisper a solid fact to him and his sanity would be fleshened. He was wrong. He was wronged. He was a fool. He had been fooled. Even the pattering mad

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