.      "I'll tell you just few things."

      He walked about the pack. He was all-smile. He had no idea what pain had the best of the mates. He didn't care what they swimming through. He had no idea what route they were plying. He didn't care. Didn't make any difference to him. He could use different types of feelings and motives. He had had his chance and was doing the worst he could to achieve whatever aim he did have in mind. He didn't care what others did think about it. It didn't really matter to him. That was of no consequence to him. Twasnt something which did keep him worried. He had been dealing with several mates and he was sure at that moment how to go about dealing with them. He needed no extra periods or training to learn how to do that. He could do several other things for them. He could do those even without their consents. He didn't mind. He couldn't call himself evil. He felt like he was the

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