Chapter 5

-Long Beach Island Harbor-


A man was seen running with a black bag when Keenan arrived at the harbour gate. A large man in a dirty white apron chased after him.

"What's that?" asked Keenan.

"Stop him!" shouted the big man.

Keenan blocked the man in the black hat, but the man instead took out a small knife which he swung in front of his body so that nothing would get in his way.

"You think you can get away?"

When he arrived in front of Keenan, Keenan swung his hand and hit the man's chest, causing him to fall.

“Ugh! Bastard! Don't get in my way!”

The man took the knife lying near his body and was about to stab Keenan. The threat was not terrible for Keenan; he immediately brushed off the hand and turned it around until the man screamed in pain.

"Just a small knife won't make me afraid of you!" muttered Keenan while pushing the man's body toward the big man standing not far from them.

“Ah, thanks for catching him! He took my money. I'll hand him over to the port guard. By the way, are you newcomers?” asked the big man.

"Yes, I will go to the Long Beach island."

"Oh great, do you already have a ticket?"

Keenan shook her head. "Not yet."

“Go to the ticket counter over there and say that the owner of the green coffee shop gave you a ticket. I'll take care of this bastard; come here!" the big man pulled the body of the surrendered thief.

“Thank you,” said Keenan.

Keenan and Wicky then went to the ticket counter as the man had said. A moody young woman with a cigar in her hand glared at Keenan.

"What do you want? Tickets? 5000 gold!”

“Um, I want to get a ticket. The owner of the green coffee shop gave me a ticket.”

“Argh! That old bastard always goes around giving away free tickets! Here take your ticket!” The woman slammed the ticket down angrily and slammed the window shut tightly.

Keenan immediately took the ticket; it was written there that the ship used was Brz 909.

Keenan's eyes began to watch every ship that docked. For the most part, the ships that dock were huge and magnificent. This port also looks busy.

"We got it. That's your ship, Keenan!"

Wicky let out a light in his eyes that led to a medium-sized black ship parked at the end of the harbour. Keenan immediately ran over to a thin man fishing before the boat.

“Hey! I am a passenger on this ship; here is my ticket.” Keenan handed the ticket to the man.

The man didn't budge; he continued fishing without giving a response.

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

The man turned to Keenan; it was seen that one eye was using a fake eye. He threw away the cigarette in his mouth and stood facing Keenan.

!Information mark appeared above the man's head;

[Name: Ronald Avonsky – Ship's Crew]

[Favorite: Cabbage, melon, green crystal]

“Keenan, give him a cabbage. Check out his favourites!”

"Ah, by the way, I have a cabbage for you." Keenan handed him cabbage from his sling bag.

“Great. If you want to set sail, call another crew member. They're at the noodle shop, the green coffee shop, where Madam Emerald and you should find Capt too. Jake Lo. Otherwise, we won't be able to leave."

The man sat back down after explaining to Keenan.

<Quest: Finding the crew – active>

"Okay, come on, Keenan! We can return to the green coffee shop where you picked up the tickets earlier.”

Keenan dashed and re-entered the green coffee shop, filled with many customers.

"Hey, I want to know, are there any of these people who are the crew of the Brz 909?" asked Keenan to the tavern keeper.

"I'm a new employee. But I can help you! Here is a note of our customer's favourite dishes, and…. That's it! According to the notes given to me, the crew of the Brz 909, who was the customer here, was Gabriel Hans; he often ordered French fries with mustard sauce and green iced coffee topped with chocolate sprinkles. That's all the information I can give.”

“Great, thanks!”

Keenan immediately mingles with all existing customers. His eyes began to move to scan every food served on the table. The crowds of visitors, the puffs of cigarette smoke and the laughter that was so boisterous was enough to make his head dizzy.

"What are you looking for, Kid?"

A well-built man with tattoos covering almost all his arms stopped Keenan. He stared with a vicious face.

“Um….” Keenan's eyes then fixed on the food that was on the table. French fries spilt with mustard sauce and green ice with chocolate sprinkles. All according to the description given by the employee earlier.

"I was looking for you, Mr. Gabriel Hans.”

“Sit down,” he said, “why are you looking for me? What do you want?”

"I want to sail to the opposite island; a crew member named Ronald Avonsky asked me to find another crew member so the ship can sail."

"If you want me to sail, you must prepare 30000 gold."

Keenan looked at the remaining gold in the information; the gold was far from enough; he needed half of Gabriel's request.

"Okay, I'll find it and give it to you."

Keenan then moved from the green coffee shop. His eyes scanned around the port; then a green question mark appeared above the head of a middle-aged woman near the counter. Keenan then approached the woman.

“Come on, Keenan. Let's meet that woman, Keenan. She'll give us a hint!”

<side quest: help the old lady – reward; 25000 gold>

"Hello, Mrs. Is there anything I can help you with?”

"Yes, Son! I lost my wallet; I have to give money to my husband! He'll be here in forty-five minutes. He must be furious if I lose the money! Can you find my wallet?”

"Okay, I'll be looking for your wallet right away. Do you remember where the last time you thought the wallet was missing?”

"I came to the souvenir shop next to the noodle shop; it seems my wallet disappeared there. My wallet is black with a red line running around the shape of the wallet.”

"Okay. I will be back."

"Come on, Ken! The map has confirmed the location of the souvenir shop!”

Keenan left the old woman. Wicky flies in front of Keenan, determining the souvenir shop's direction.

A wooden building covered in black paint with a sign that reads, souvenirs, is visible. There is a noodle shop next to it, which will also be part of Keenan's next visit.

"WELCOME! Please choose souvenirs for your souvenirs!” A female servant greeted Keenan's arrival.

“Hey, did you see a fallen wallet here? Her purse is black with a red border around the shape; an old lady came here and lost her purse.”

A visitor who was near Keenan suddenly ran after hearing this explanation. Keenan accidentally saw a wallet that matched the characteristics of an old woman in his hand.

"Hey, wait!" Keenan chased the visitor in the brown hat.

The visitors ran fast. Until finally stuck at a dead end near the harbour gate.

"Stop! Give me back the wallet!”

"Of course, but after you beat me!"

The visitor took off his hat and found it was a woman. She threw the kunai quickly.

“Oh! Shit!”

Keenan was quite overwhelmed to avoid her great throw. Keenan took out his sword and brushed aside the flying kunai.

“Stop it, or this sword will land on your body!”

"Just try if you can do it!"

Keenan threw his sword at the woman, but quickly the woman avoided it and jumped behind Keenan.

"You can't beat me!"

The woman threw her kunai again. However, Keenan made the flying kunai his foothold to approach the brown-haired woman this time.

Keenan's sword stuck right next to the head of the woman that Keenan managed to take down. The woman's face looked pale.

"Give me the wallet, lady."

"Okay, you win!" The woman held out the old woman's wallet.

Keenan quickly got up and walked away from her.

"Hey, Wicky, how about we visit a noodle shop first? Incidentally, we are nearby; we could meet the other crew members. Doesn't that save time?"

"Yeah, we can try it."

Keenan walked towards the noodle shop. Unlike the green coffee shop, the noodle shop is quiet. There were only two visitors, a boy and a little girl.

"Well, he must be the one in the red dress. That skinny guy! There's no mistake; it can't be this little girl's cabin crew, right?”

Keenan approached the man and greeted him kindly. "Hello, Mr. I was a passenger on Brz 909; Ronald Avonsky asked me to find crew members so I could set sail. If I am not mistaken, you are one of the crew members of that ship.”

"Yeah, you're right. But I will not go if Gabriel is not there. You have to find Gabriel. First; he will pick me up.” The man slurped his noodles casually without looking at Keenan.

The clear answer immediately made Keenan leave the noodle shop and return to the old woman.

"Here's your wallet."

“You got it! Thank you, Son!”

<side quest: help the old lady – success – 25000 gold added>

Keenan's bag moves as a marker of the reward he has succeeded in getting. Keenan returned to the green coffee shop and sat in front of Gabriel while taking out the 30000 gold he wanted.

“30000 gold, neither less nor more. According to what you want."

The man downed the rest of the drink in his glass and said. “Great. Let's find the other crew members, Kid."

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