Chapter 4

"Welcome to stage 1. You are now in downtown Enderthon. Here is the starting base to start your journey. Pentagon Glory is divided into thirty stages, twenty of which are solo stages. Use your weapon to take the fight to every monster on each stage.

The level can be raised when you kill the little monsters. When fighting the boss at the end of each stage, you will get additional power and heal. Interact with the residents so they can help you collect the items needed for levelling up and weapons."

A voice resounded in the sky of the Pentagon Glory. Keenan looked around; people were passing by casually like an activity in the real world.

"Okay, I'm ready to go on an adventure!" he muttered.

A huge trumpet sound was heard. The bright light from the sky shone on Keenan; he saw a round blue object flying and approaching him.

"Hi! I'm Wicky, your assistant in the game!"

The round object looks like a wad of cotton with eyes. He waved his tiny wings to greet Keenan.

"Please note, Pentagon Glory is a game connected to the real world. So be careful in choosing actions. If you understand, you can press the 'start' button in front of you now. Your assistant will show you the way to the destination."

Keenan looked up at the sky where the source of the voice containing the explanation came from. His heart now feels heavy; he remembers his mother, who somehow condition now.

"I have to succeed," he muttered. Keenan closed his eyes when his hand touched the 'start' sign.

- Stage 1 – Long Beach Island –

"Come on, follow the arrows!"

An arrow appeared, and Wicky started flying in front of Keenan.

"Keenan, focus your mind. Pay attention to the red mark that is on every creature. That is a sign that they can be killed," said Wicky.

Keenan began to alert with his sword. In front of them, a large herd of wolves was seen running as if to chase them.

From above the wolf's body came information about its strength;

[Name: Black Wolf]

[Powers: 500]

[Increase power and gold]

Keenan started slashing the dozens of wolves that were trying to attack them. His great sword cut down all of the wolves in just two minutes.

You have successfully advanced to level 2.

[Name: Keenan Barker]

[Strength: 1300/level 2]

[Role: Leader/Saber Expert]

[Attack speed: 40% up to 75% - 45%]

[Type of Attack: Non-ranged – Sword]

[Level based: 1 to 60]

[Gold: 11098]

"Great! It's not as bad as I thought!" said Keenan.

"Okay, we will continue our journey."

Wicky flew again. They are now entering areas such as markets—many yellow signs above the heads of the sellers.

"That yellow sign shows if you can interact and buy your needs. You better buy some food for us," said Wicky.

Keenan then stopped at an old woman selling vegetables and fruits. An exclamation mark on the top of vegetables and fruits will indicate whether the food is suitable or not for Keenan.

[Cabbage - boost immunity and suppress hunger 2 hours - 4500GLD]

[Carrot - increase power and hold hunger 2 hours - 3000GLD]

[Paprika - boosts immunity and hold hunger 5 hours - 12000GLD]

[Apples - increase power and quench thirst 2 hours - 3750GLD]

[Grape - has no effect whatsoever – 4000GLD]

[Watermelon - reduces power – 10000GLD]

"Okay, I'll choose a carrot and an apple, one each."

Keenan pointed at the two fruits and the 6750GLD deducted from his.


Suddenly there was a scream from the residents, who ran in fear. Their numbers, which split a lot when they passed Keenan, were like a river flowing towards the estuary.

An old woman with a very thin body approached Keenan and said. "Help us; they want to take our money!"

"Get ready, Keenan. The next enemy is the looters," said Wicky.

An arrow then appears against the current. Wicky and Keenan immediately followed the sign and found a group of commanders in armour riding horses carrying long swords and arrows.

Red marks were visible on their bodies, like the wolf earlier. Their information that has also been seen overhead;


[Power: 2000]

[Increase power and gold]

Some of them have even caught the sellers and confiscated their money.


All eyes were on Keenan. The residents who were running around stopped their steps and gathered behind Keenan.

A commander on a horse uncovered his face and smiled a sly smile. His face looks ruthless, with an incision wound on the right cheek.

"Well, well, looks like we've had a hero oversleep. You better back off, young man. If you are still pushing yourself, you must be prepared to feel this slash of my sword on your head."

[Leader Warrior]

[Power: 3500]

The warlord raised his hands up, then shouted. "ATTACK HIM!"

His troops dismounted and moved to surround Keenan. They began to use their sword swings.

"Okay, I'll kill you one by one. Go to hell!" cried Keenan loudly.

"Wait, Keenan. You're 700 power short. Before fighting them, you should eat the vegetables you bought earlier."

Keenan smiled crookedly, bit down the carrot quickly, and his strength increased.

[Name: Keenan Barker]

[Strength: 2300/level 2]

[Role: Leader/Saber Expert]

[Attack speed: 40% up to 75% - 45%]

[Type of Attack: Non-ranged – Sword]

[Level based: 1 to 60]

[Gold: 4348]

"Great, Keenan! Now, go!"

"Feel the slash of my sword!"

Keenan's sword swing began to move agilely, slaying every single soldier in armour with ease. With one slash, the sword struck five people at once.

"Sheesh! There's nothing more fun than doing all of this," said Keenan.

Interesting, Keenan finished everything in a short time. Until all that's left is the leader.

"Check your information, Keenan. Your power and gold have increased again. Remind always to do this every time you finish fighting the enemies."


[Name: Keenan Barker]

[Strength: 4700/level 2]

[Role: Leader/Saber Expert]

[Attack speed: 40% up to 75% - 45%]

[Type of Attack: Non-ranged – Sword]

[Level based: 1 to 60]

[Gold: 13875]

[Health: 8900/10000]

"The health section is open; you can increase your health through food or medicine that you can get from enemies."


The conversation between Keenan and Wicky made Keenan unable to concentrate until his arm was stuck by a small knife thrown by the leader of the looters.

"You think by fighting them, you can beat me? You're only dreaming, young man!"

The leader dashed towards Keenan and prepared to hit Keenan's head with his sword. However, Keenan's movements were no less fast; with one hand, Keenan first swung his sword at the raider's leader's head until his body was split into two.

The leader's body quivered on the ground, covered in flowing fresh blood.

"Don't ever dare to challenge me; my sword is always hungry to hunt down evils like you!"

 <You have successfully reached level 3!

Please accept rewards; medicine (+500 health); 3 cabbages; 5 bottles of water>

The three gifts were floating in front of Keenan.

"Great, Keenan! Now take out the knife stuck in your arm and use the medicine you got!"

Keenan followed Wicky's orders; he pulled the small knife quickly. The medicine he got then downed was finished, and the wound on his arm was healed in an instant.


[Name: Keenan Barker]

[Strength: 7700/level 3]

[Role: Leader/Saber Expert]

[Attack speed: 40% up to 75% - 45%]

[Type of Attack: Non-ranged – Sword]

[Level based: 1 to 60]

[Golds: 15000]

[Health: 9400/10000]

"Okay, now let's continue our journey. We will go to the harbour to cross to the island."

Wicky, the assistant, started flying back in the direction according to the rules on the map. Along with that, there was suddenly a sound like a cannon exploding in the air. The clear sky turned dark, and a notification sounded loud.

"2 Players killed - 98 players left - 200 citizens have been killed."

The sun was shining again after the sound disappeared. Keenan suddenly turned pale; he clenched his fists and muttered. "Mom, hold on! I will help you and carry this game!"

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