Battle of Geniuses (1)

As Max made it his duty to chase after those that chose to run away from him so that they wouldn't be expelled from the legacy ground once he knocks them out, at other areas of the massive legacy ground, many intense battles were going on between genius-level cultivators from different sects that entered this region that is isolated from the rest of the world.


"Zhu Wei, you owe me a lot of treasure. Now is the time to pay them back" A male cultivator called Long Fun, who stood with three other males from the Great Heaven-Unifying Sword sect, said with intense hatred and anger in his tone.


The person that was called Zhu Wei, laughed out loud and in a raucous manner because of what Long Fun said.

"Well, here I am. Come and take it." He said with a mocking expression in his face.

"Hmm." Long Fun uttered with his two brows furrowed.

He then said further with deep animosity in his eyes, "Zhu Ping, we are three against you. Hand o

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