Chasing after cultivators

And immediately that person said that, the rest had their eyes glow before they quickly nodded their heads in total agreement.

Then quickly executing profound gestures that they had mastered from that technique, different hues of light began to flash about them.

Then when the dazzling flashes of resplendent light stopped a few moments later, various kind of seemingly corporeal and sentient, hideous beastly creatures that radiated fierceness from their entire bodies, began to look at Max with with both frigid and venomous gazes in their eyes.

Some of these beasts that were astonishingly huge in size, could be noticed standing on the ground on all four of their massive, rock-like limbs. While others that were also pretty large in size and possessed wings that spanned many dozens of feet, could be noticed flapping their massive wings to remain high in the air.

Max who was witnessing all that were happening before his very eyes, only produced a slight smile i

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