Battle with a talented cultivator (1)

"But how do you know that?" Zhu Lian asked in shock at what Max said.

However, Max who was in a hurry to see what little girl was screeching in terror, shouted out to Zhu Lian "Just follow me"

Then deploying his Super Speed ability, he dashed away to find where the girl was. And using his powerful hearing ability, he tried to track the girl down to where she would be at.


"Boys, cover this girl's mouth. Her horrified screaming could attract someone towards us." Someone who was wearing a mask said to someone who was carrying a little, terrified girl over his shoulder.


The person spoken to then dropped the girl from his shoulder. He then took a long piece of clothing out of his pocket and used it to wrap around the little girl's mouth to prevent her from screaming horrifically.

Immediately after he did this, he put the girl back on his shoulder and began to run away with his other colleagues into the distance.

Venerable Soul

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