Beastblade's death

While Max landed to the ground seeming completely exhausted and full of pain as his eyes looked bloodshot and were bulging out. Then from his pale-skinned appearance with his noticeably tough body having so many cracks over it surface that oozed out blood, one would think that he was one already one foot into the grave.

"Wow!" The City Lord who was absolutely amazed by what Max did, nodded his head in awe and then lowered himself to the ground beside Max's tough body which had began to heal rapidly. 

When he arrived beside Max's seriously injured body that was stained with blood, he asked with a concerned look in his face, "Boy, are you okay?" 

Max simply nodded his head as he tried to endure the intense bodily pain that racked both his mind and senses, while the City Lord quickly looked into his spatial ring and produced a bottle of high-quality healing pills which he gave to Max. While Max after some hesitati

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