The Art of Magic

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The Art of Magic

By: Sylas Reed OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Revenge... That was her only motivation. To strike back against those who made her who she is today. To become their worst nightmare, She has spent every waking moment of her life preparing for this moment. However before she could even begin she discovers something else. The secrets that lay beneath the veil of reality. One of Magic. Will she use that newly found knowledge to reignite the spark of hope or stomp on its embers for good.

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129 chapters
'Ah...''I wonder when it was my fate was sealed.'Heh... Never thought that my death would be this miserable.'Can't complain I guess...'She thought as she lay on the cold desert sands at night. She watched herself bleed out, smirking towards the enemies that surround her.Away from any help, no rescue in sight. A lone shadow standing tall against the barrels with a metallic gleam of death. Her wounds that make death's grip even tighter. Her bloodied clothes and shivering body lay on the cold sands.Although they have her at their mercy, they still didn't deal the finishing blow. They stood still as if waiting for something.The Desert sands were slowly being dyed red, from the blood that flowed from the corpses that surrounded them, and her own blood of course.The entire area was silent, her enemies stood still, observing her every movement, every muscle that twitched even for a fraction of a second, they would fire at a moment's notice.Not because of the weapon she wields, but b
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Sic Parvis Magna
The Morning sun was peeking towards the window. It's bright rays illuminated her sleeping face. As if telling her to wake up and get to work.She tried covering the sun rays with her palms, to no avail. She tossed and turned to avoid the glaring sunlight, still to no avail. Suddenly a constant knocking sound entered her ears.*Knock knock!*She frowned, She thought to herself, 'Who the fuck is it? Who has the guts to bang at my door on this ungodly hour...'She pulled her blanket up and covered her ears with her pillows, to drown out the voice calling for her beyond the door.Then after a few seconds of knocking and screaming, Nex couldn't take it anymore she sat up and glared at the door and stood up. She clicked her tongue and made her way towards the door, carefully to avoid the clutter in her room.She opened the door grumpily, but before she could scream towards the early morning disturbance a paper was thrusted towards her face.She clicked her tongue softly, but it was soon rep
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A Small Test
After Discussing with Alessandra, Nex went back inside the pub to scan the details with Jack. She was grinning from ear to ear when the opened the door.When she went inside she saw Nadja and Mad Jack conversing. Nex raised her eyebrows and went near her two accomplices."Hey! Whatcha doing here Nadja? " She asked her weapons specialist as she stared at the two of them. She shrugged her shoulders, "I want in, I heard from Jack that this one's a big score."Jack chuckled, "I told her, judging form your expression earlier, this is very big. So I figured that you'd need all the help you can get."Nex grinned, "That's right it's a different system kind of big." Jack opened his eyes wide and whistled, "Now, let's go in the back, and give us the details."Jack looked around, and locked the doors. Nadja on the other hand, put a circular metal plate in the table where they sat.Nex stared at the machine Nadja deployed, "What's this?" She said as she poked about the thing. Nadja smiled proudly
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I am Mr.Nobody
When Nex entered the warehouse however, what greeted her was a thick smell of iron that wafted through the air. A familiar scent, the scent of Blood.Not a soul in sight, the warehouse felt empty. She looked above and saw an office. She thought to herself, "Perhaps that's where the party is." She raised her vigilance to the max and slowly made her way towards the stairs. Slowly treading it, not making any sound.She pressed her ear on the wall, but she couldn't hear anything. As if there wasn't anyone there. If so, then why were there guards in front? She immediately assumed that this might be a trap from Alessandra. She primed her two hand cannons as she rested her back on the wall. She was readying herself to kick open the door and just shoot whomever.Her trigger finger restless, she heaved a deep breath and kicked open the door. But what greeted her wasn't a trap or anything, but the most maddening sight anyone could ever see in their lifetime. In a Dark room, A tall Man in a blac
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Under a poisoned silver sky
When Nex Went out the Warehouse the two corpses she left there were already gone. The place was cleaner than when she arrived. She put her hand on her chin as she pondered."Huh, How convenient, He should seriously consider a sanitary job or something, after we're done with this shady deal." She mumbled to herself as she went inside the car.She turned on the autopilot and sat back, examining the box in a daze. A few seconds turned to minutes. She sighed and silently moved away her gaze and stared at the High rise buildings in front of her. Flashing with Neon signs filled with invasive ads targeting everyone. As if it was tracking their every move. It was bright and flashy giving life to the drab grey skies that occasionally has sunlight peeking through the pollution.Staring at the air traffic of the Hover Cars that line up seemingly endlessly. She put her palm on her cheek as she leaned in. Immersed in watching the inhabitants of Paradise City.Staring at them walking lifelessly tow
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It's not! It's a Tactical Masterpiece! (I)
On a small alleyway in Ganymede, a Figure was running from something or perhaps someone. No one in this prison colony is sane enough to care. Be it the shitty streets or the runny alleyways filled with God knows what.Breathing heavily the man backed up into a wall, he stared at the Blade's luster that was highlighted by the red light district behind them. Going down on his knees He begged his assailant, "Please! Whatever you want I'll give it to you! Just let me live!" He pleaded at the hooded assailant in front of him."When the War of the Beasts bring about the world's end." The figure said softly, however the man was unable to determine what the figure was whether it's male or female because of the voice modulator. Puzzled by it's cryptic words he started searching his body for something.The figure traced their blade and continued, "Does God weep as it scrambles to save its children?" It said as it raised it's blade up high."Wa-wait!! I can give you my research! isn't that why y
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It's not! It's a Tactical Masterpiece! (II)
The people lined up started to whine but when they saw the fierce glares from the two they immediately shut their mouths. Nick on the other hand was utterly dismissive of anything. "Look at me Nex. This is my give up face. Not even in the army have I experienced this kind of hopelessness."Nex chuckled, ignoring Nick, as she stared at the owner Manning the Bar. "I say Old Dessir, You gotta let these kids man the Bar."The Burly Taurian with muscles almost popping out of his Tuxedo grunted as soon as he heard her voice. "Not again..." He said as he scratched his horns. "Hey calm down, I'm here on official guild business. Besides I already had enough scouring around Ganymede for clues." She said. Dessir on the other had his frown deepen even more. "That's what I'm afraid of."She smiled brightly as she put a card down on the table, "The Guild will cover all the expenses this time." His goat like countenance that was tense eased up a little. She leaned in closer whispering, "And also..."
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Welcome to the Concrete Jungle
Nex was chaotically waving venom around smiling. Relying on her instincts she dodged every blade that came her way, As she retaliated with fervor. As a knife flew her way a loud sound of metal colliding was heard as the hooded figure blocked the small knife.Nex turned around and expressed her thanks as she stabbed the one who threw the knife.It nodded and then dashed outside as Nex was busy saying something to the remaining Traitors on the ground. The hooded figure slowly chased a bystander on the earlier bout. He noticed that the hooded figure has been eyeing him for awhile.He ran all the way from the middle of the street towards a small entrance in an unguarded bunker. He turned around and threw a dagger and almost hit the hooded figure.It's figure became hazy as it sped up, the man however could see it's strike blocking it with his dagger. "You're the one hunting down Former Ragnarök members? You have a lot of guts I'll tell you that..."The figure however ignored him and asked
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Battle on Dome-7 (I)
The shooting lasted for awhile no one gaining advantage over the other. Buildings nearby the bar were a wreck. Many lay on the floor dead. Be it Magitech or Bounty Hunters, Looking around, Nex along with her team hid on a nearby cover She spoke to the hooded figure, "Tell me why'd you help me?"The hooded figure stayed silent as it charged towards the enemies, slicing them down to size.Nick picked up a gun that fell and started shooting. His aim was something less to be desired. He did hit someone on the shoulders but Magitech's alloy armor was tougher than expected."I thought you served in the army! what the fuck kind of aim is that!?" She said as she reloaded her final mag. Nick wiped the sweat from his forehead, "I was a Field Medic!""I'm out. Shit... Magitech got here too fast. They're more cautious than I expected." Nex said as she looked around for a gun.Nick looked towards her direction, "Oh, you think!?" They moved on another cover, Nex tried to peek but they were met with
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Battle on Dome-7 (II)
Blair on the other hand took the high ground and sniped the soldiers. She stared at the soldiers firing at her and tilted her head, "I have calculated the effective range of your weapons and took the right amount of distance. I cannot compute why you insist on keeping up this futile act." She stared at the people who we're firing at her frantically.She looked at the scope and fired at the temple of another one knocking his helmet off she saw the fury in his expression and felt a tinge. She wondered what that feeling was, as she stared at the corpses.She kept running and stopped as she dodged a slash from one of Magitech's Elite soldiers as it held a large Oscillating blade. "Damn Android!" It said as it held it's blade up high and ran towards her direction.She stored her gun and brought out her wrist blades. She dashed towards her enemy and she flipped forwards to dodge the incoming attack. She stabbed him on his ankle and his liver efficiently and quickly. The man fell on his knee
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