Chasing after Swordstorm (2)

He then said further after he produced a colored, shiny pill from his spatial ring which should help him alleviate the intense pain that he was currently, badly experiencing within his body, 'All my attacks couldn't do beyond slitting his chest open and forcing him deep into the ground. But just one of his had reduced me into a really sorry mess. Then what if he was to send out dozens of that same attack at me, I would be dead by now. No, I can't end like this. I have to leave here and tell this to my Black Lotus group. They will surely have a way to deal with this bastard. I am sure of that.'

Immediately Swordstorm arrived at this resolution, he said out loud to Max as Max plunged to the ground with a confident expression in his face, "I will leave now since I have to nurse myself back to health, and after I have arrived at a solid fact that my attacks can't really do anything to you, which is only an utter waste of my precious time. But when next I come, you s

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