Chasing after Swordstorm (1)

The superhuman toughness of his body couldn't save the flesh and majority of his organs from disintegrating in his body, as the force that traveled round his body when that terrifying attack struck him with immense power, caused the organs and the skin covering his entire body to simply, immediately disappear.

But Max who had a quick healing ability, began to feel the rapid recovery and restoration of his body to its previous state. Then when he finished healing, where all his body organs had returned and simply looked like they were never destroyed, Max's eyes began to glow with unbridled killing intent at that depth that he was furiously knocked into by that powerful attack that struck him really hard like it were the literal, unstoppable weapon of a god.

Then with voluminous amount of Kronous Energy flowing into the T-612 Dominator endoskeletal armor, and many of the energy leaking out from the pores of his skin, then making it seem like

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