Heaven Is Landing

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Heaven Is Landing

By: andy song OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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A teenager became an experimental subject in a secret laboratory established by a country that was forbidden to cultivate. After he left the experimental base, he broke the restrictions and obtained an independent personality. Since then, in this great era of interstellar development, he has fought in all directions, stepped on the galaxy, and finally opened a new era for mankind.


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Who Am I
A burst of sweet music woke him from his deep sleep, "It's time to wake up, your breakfast is ready. The shuttle will arrive in 45 minutes, please don't miss the departure time."   He rolled over and looked around.   This is a spacious apartment, and the soft lights are being turned on one by one. The bed is in the corner of the room, and there is a built-in wardrobe on the wall next to it, and there is a square touch area on the cabinet door.   He reached out and touched the wardrobe door, and the silver light alloy door automatically slid open, revealing the rows of clothes inside. These clothes are all the same style.   On the other side of the room is an open kitchen and living room that are connected together, with an automatic food maker on the island. He walked over, hesitated on several buttons with different food logos, and finally chose 'random', he wanted to see if there would be any surprises today.  The machine beeps softly, and a minute later the curtain doo
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The 7th Memory
Who are you?   Faced with this question, he didn't think about it at all, and gave the answer directly: "Deep Space Warrior Experimental No. 1120."  Why were you born?   "An experimental body pre-researched for the creation of an all-around warrior capable of independently exploring deep space."  What are you fighting for?   "Fight for Humanity."   Who do you obey?   "System instructions."   Not afraid of death?   "Not afraid of death."  What is death?   "Radical change in the physical form of the body."   All the questions were fleeting, and his thoughts didn't fluctuate at all, they were all answered instinctively.   The screen in front of him suddenly paused, and then a question popped up: "Which of these people would you shoot first?"   Below the question, eight photos suddenly appeared, including old people, children, and some familiar faces, but he could not remember where he saw them. So he knew that this was knowledge protected by the system, and that h
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Bucking The Tide
After the initial clean-up work was completed, a huge amount of data poured into it, which contained countless messy but complete memories, and pictures flashed quickly, filling in the blanks that had been preserved in his consciousness for a long time. If it weren't for these memories, he wouldn't even know that he had such a large memory space.   This is a person, to be precise, a complete life of a teenager. The last scene of the picture scroll is frozen in a white room, and the vision is gradually blurred by shadowless lights. He suddenly had a strange feeling that he seemed to resonate with these memories, and gradually, he gradually merged with the memories, regardless of each other, as if it should be like this. He opened his eyes, looked at Dr. Chu in front of him, and suddenly felt a certain emotion. This emotion is deep and complicated, as if a lot of things are mixed together, and I can't figure out what it is. In the chaos, there is a vague hatred, and there are othe
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The spaceship gradually accelerated, leaving the battlefield behind in the dark deep space.   "Please pay attention, the space jump is about to start." With the prompt sound, the roar of the spacecraft's engine suddenly increased by an order of magnitude, and the hull began to shake violently, and it seemed that it might fall apart at any time. He was still immersed in a strange emotion, his chest tightened, his heart beat hard, and there were bursts of throbbing pain. Since integrating that data, he feels that his core programs are unstable, and there will be unexpected changes all the time.   He closed his eyes and wanted to calm down for a while, but in front of him was the lone fighter jet rushing forward brazenly. It was only then that he remembered a question. The spaceship in front of him can fully hold four people. Why didn't the doctor come up and go together? In a blink of an eye, he knew it was a stupid question. The doctor must be very aware of the performance of
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Basic Survival
Chu Jungui got into the rescue capsule again, lifted the seat, and pulled out a square box from below. The symbol of deep space energy and lifesaving were printed on the lid of the box. This is a star field survival suit produced by Deep Space Energy. This suit is reliable, stable and cheap. It is also a must-have life-saving item on most interstellar spaceships.   The suit box is made of composite material, and it looks cheap and rough at first glance. Chu Jungui opened the suit box and took out everything inside to take a look. The box contains three packs of compressed food, two bottles of water, two polymer batteries, a scanner, and a multifunctional universal substance printer. Chu Jungui picked up the Universal Substance Printer, gently pressed the start switch, and it automatically ejected the base and four printing arms.   At the heart of the entire Survival Kit is this Universal Matter Printer, which can print out a variety of devices with standardized materials based
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