Escaping from the deadly group of violet-robed assassins

Max who had also noticed these males and could perceive the startling, fearsome auras of power and vengeful fury that were beginning to emanate boundlessly from their bodies, quickly produced a large, rocket-propelled bike called the CST-08, which was abbreviation for Cannon Star Traverser, version 8, from the miniaturized bike and vehicle storage cube generously given to him by General Evans. 

Immediately the bike which was bulky in size and actually beautiful in appearance, as it was expertly coated in many bright colors that gave it a cool and attractive look, had large, soft leather seats that could only accommodate two people like the usual powerbike from his world, possessed eight mini-rocket muzzles where four of them could be seen on both sides of the bikes, and then a large and solid front and back tire that looked like the rubber used to make them, had some form of metal incorporated into them since they shone like polished steel, suddenly appeare

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