General Evans generosity

"So that means you don't have to bring out the shelf anytime you want to take a weapon or a gadget out of it." 

"With the teleporter, you will be able to do do so. Therefore with a single thought from you, woosh!.. the weapon or device appears in your hand like magic" Luke said and grinned.

He then asked with glittering eyes for approval from his son "I am a peerless magician right?"

Max only rolled his eyes at his dad. 

He then said with a radiant smile in his face "Dad, you are awesome. Your inventions are really cool!"


Luke grinned.

Max then asked with a puzzled gaze in his eyes "Dad, have I been linked to it already? To the teleporter?" 

"Yes son. A strong neural connection has been abruptly established between you and the teleporter when your hands touched it" Luke replied. 

"Really? That was fast. I didn't even know. Haha!" Max said and laughed. 

He then questioned "So, the only way to make an apparatus or a weapon appear in my hands is to think about it?"

"Yes son. That's the way to bring things out of the shelf to your hands" Luke answered. 

"Hmm. Alright dad" Max said. 

Then he closed his eyes to utilize the teleportation ability of the teleporter in his pocket. 

As soon as he did so, since he had established a mental link with the teleporter, virtually all the gadgets and weapons in his dad's shelf appeared in his mind. 

Then one thing that greatly surprised him was that, the names of the various items in the shelf which the teleporter displayed in his mind, also appeared in his mind. 

He then began to go through some of the names of the hundreds of devices and weapons that had appeared in his mind. 

'Laser Sword'

'Gravity-Defying Gloves and Boots' 

'Chameleon Mimicry Suit' 

'Focused Electricity Blade' 

'Optic Beam Target-Sighting Incendiary Arrow Bow' 

'AI-guided Bomb-Launching Bow' 

'Sonic Boom Multi-Cannon Gun' 

'Rapid-Fire Plasma Pellet Chaingun' 

'Wrist-Mounted Thermonuclear Blasters' 

'Hand and Chest-Mounted Kron Beam Blasters' 

'EM-Spectrum Vision Goggles'

'AD-5000 {Blade}'

'Damn. My father's invention is exceedingly insane. I think I should become a God or a Deity in that world with all these terrific and formidable technological creations of his. Haha!' Max said inwardly and laughed. 

He then decided to summon a dreadful-looking weapon that he saw in there to his hand. 

As soon as he thought of doing so, the weapon which was in the form of a saber immediately appeared in his hand, while a detailed information about the weapon and it usage abruptly surfaced in his head. 


Name: GD-150

Weapon Type: Plasma Saber 

Ability: Create and conducts a focused stream of extremely hot plasma around it blade to vastly increase it cutting or slicing power - Saber can be used to cut through almost everything or slice things into halves.


"This is beautiful and way powerful, dad. Haha!" Max said and chuckled. 

He was starting to imagine himself slashing hordes of beasts into halves and then gashing animal-like and humanoid beings in that world, inflicting them with agonizing severe pains. 

That was what Max actually visualized the people of that parallel world as. He imagined them as hideous and ferocious, ugly-looking, animal and human-like creatures. 

After thinking all these and still maintaining his somewhat wicked smile, he turned his head to look at his dad and asked with a puzzled expression in his face "Dad, what is the full meaning of GD in the name of the saber?" 

"That stands for God Destroyer, son. It's a saber I believe should decimate gods." Luke replied. 

"Oh! I see. Haha! God-Destroying saber, version 150" Max said with a nod of his head. 

"Yea" Luke answered. 

Max then returned the saber-weapon into the storage space of the miniaturized electronic shelf kept in the pocket of his jean trouser. 

After Max did so, Luke looked at Max with a solemn expression in his face and said "Now that I have fully armed you with basically all the really amazing and powerful devices and weapons that I created since I started working here, I think it's time for you to go." 

"Lieutenant Stokes will be impatiently waiting for news of your departure to that parallel world" 

Max looked at his dad with a smile in his face and then nodded his head.

He then said with a serious expression in his face "Father, I pledged to bring large amounts of that Miraculium mineral to our planet before it implodes."

Luke nodded with a smile in his face. 

However, Max despite his vampiric-level sensory abilities, couldn't see or perceive that his dad's heart was frothing greatly with worries about him. 

At the moment, Max's dad, Luke, began to hope very much in his heart that his son will dominate all things that he will come across in that unknown parallel world and come back safely and in one piece to him. 

He wanted only his son and nothing else, since he was the only son that he had, as well as his wife's only product.

After sometime, they both left the office together. 

And when they came out of the Federal Weapon and Bionic Research facility, they entered a rocket-propelled Pod which shot at tremendous speed back to the Federal Space Research and Interstellar Travel Agency (FESRITA).

When they arrived at FESRITA and came out of the high-velocity transportation pod, they walked into the agency to a place where General Evans and Elijah Stokes could be seen waiting for them.

"Good day, sirs" Luke Humbly greeted and then saluted.

"Hmm" General Evans who was a middle-aged man uttered with a nod of his head.

Then he glanced at Max and said "Boy, don't disappoint me by dying miserably in that place. I want you to return with at least, an island or a city-sized amount of that miraculous mineral. Am I clear and well understood?"

"Yes sir!" Max said out loud.

"Good! And if possible, bring us many creatures from that world for experiments to be carried out on them." General Evans said further.

"I will do my best sir!" Max said loudly.

"You better! Now, go prepare. No time to waste further" General Evans said while Max nodded his head.

Max then left their presence to go change into a tight-fitting, black space leather costume.

Elijah approached Luke and asked "Your boy, how were the tests that you carried out on him?"

"He did absolutely well in them, sir." Luke answered.

"Alright." Elijah nodded his head.

"What about his other superhuman abilities? Did you also carried out tests on them?" He asked.

"Yes sir. I did." Luke said, lying.

"Okay. So what are his new superpowers? Or just the still old ones but have quite upgraded?" Elijah asked.

"Still the old ones sir. But they are now far better than before." Luke answered. 

"Hmm. Tell me about them" Elijah instructed.

"Well, he can now move a mass of one ton over a distance of ten meters with his mind when he couldn't even move a small kid's bicycle across a distance of three feet before." 

"Another of his old ability which has gotten better is the ability to see in darkness. Now, he can see clearly in total darkness. Unlike before when he could only see in partial darkness" 

"Then the last of his numerous superhuman abilities which has also improved is his sonic scream. He can now shatter large rocks using his scream when he could only cause thin glasses to fragment explosively in the past." Luke answered.

However, all these that Luke told Elijah were simply lies. 

Although Max have these abilities and much more since his human-vampire physiology was being continuously altered by the Vlessaract energy in his body, endowing him with innumerable superhuman abilities, they just hadn't really developed to the stage that Luke described them to be in to Elijah. 

"Good!" Elijah said with an impressed nod of his head.

Then he said further "With all the superhuman powers that he possesses and the T-612 Dominator to tremendously enhance his body's physical strength, speed and resistance to damage, he should be able to survive in there, right?"

"Yes, Lieutenant." Luke said and nodded.

Elijah then broke a smile and said "Your vampire wife gave birth to a miracle, Luke. If not for your super-powered son, our world doesn't stand a chance of surviving it impending implosion." 

"But now, we can be rest assured that our world as well as it inhabitants will survive. Also, when he brings back that mineral in large quantities from that world, planet Earth will become far more better than how it is now."

Luke smiled with a nod of his head.

"I know, sir. It will flourish much more in that time" He said. 

Then not quite long, Max appeared before them in that body-hugging, black space costume.

"Now Max, to assist you in your highly dangerous mission in that world, I want to support you by giving you some of my really expensive possessions." General Evans said. 

He then threw a small cube at Max which Max caught in his hand and looked at to study.

"What's this, general?" Max asked respectfully. 

"Not what is this, boy. It is, what does it contain? That should be the question that you are supposed to ask me." General Evans said. 

"Oh. My bad, general. What does it contain?" Max asked. 

"That's a miniaturized hangar, boy. It contains state-of-the-art bikes and vehicles"

"Types like like jet bikes, rocket-propelled automobiles, gravity-defying vehicles, then supersonic jets and hyperspeed planes." 

"They are simply meant to make your transportation to any place in that damned world faster and easier. Also, there are hovercrafts, warships and warplanes in it, if you really need to go to war with the beings of that world" General Evans said and chuckled.

From the way that he sounded, one will surely know that he was a belligerent warmonger. He was the type that loved and instigated cold-blooded, full-scale planetary wars. 

General Evans then spoke further "Use them as you like, boy. You don't need to bring them back to me in one piece. Haha." 

Max looked excitedly at the cube in his hand and nodded his head. 

"Thank you very much, General Evans. And I promise this day to not bring them back to you in one piece" He said seriously. 


General Evans laughed. 

"That's a good one, boy" He said and nodded his head with a smile in it. 

He then left FESRITA to go back to his his office at Octagon Defense. 

"Alright people. Start the Portal Generator machine. It's time to take this boy away from here." Elijah suddenly said.

Then the people in the large facility turned on a massive machine that first had to gather tremendous amount of power which took quite a while before producing a large portal in a large chamber that was designated for it appearance.

As the large portal revolved in the enormous spherical chamber of the Portal Generator machine, it suddenly caused strong gales of wind to appear which blew away small, movable items in the massive facility high into the air. 

Luke whose hair had begun to flutter in the strong wind that raged about in the facility quickly said to his son who was by his side "Max, you can go in now." 

Then he hurriedly said further with a loud voice due to the raging winds that blew about in the area that they were in "And son, don't forget to look inwards for the superhuman powers that the Vlessaract energy will continually bestow upon you since it endlessly causes chains of alterations to the cellular make-up of your body." 

"So with your body's enhanced hybrid physiology which has further evolved and will give you shocking metahuman powers that will tremendously help you in your dangerous quest in that unknown world, you should be able to surmount and overcome all odds in there."

"It is therefore up to you to realize those powers in there and grow and develop them!"

Max nodded his head with a bright glow of understanding in his eyes.

He then embraced his dad very tight.

After releasing his dad from his embrace some seconds later, he prepared to jump into the portal that was revolving within the Portal Generation machine. 

Mustering strength in his powerful leg muscles, he leaped from where he was towards the Portal Generation machine which was approximately fifteen meters away from where he stood.

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