Entering the portal to the parallel world

Then in a very short time, he appeared high in the air above the Portal Generation machine from his jump towards it.

He then upturned his body while in the air to take a dive into the portal that was revolving at a furious speed within the sphere-shaped, portal initiation chamber of the Portal Generation machine.

Immediately he entered the portal, exceedingly bright and colorful lights struck his eyes and he could feel himself moving through space at an extreme speed to that parallel world.

However, this caused him great pain and he felt like his entire skin will rip away from his body.

That was why only he and no else could go. Since they won't be able to withstand the ripping of their bodies due to the tremendously high velocity that they will be moving at in that space.


Some minutes later, Max's body dropped out of the portal into a valley that had surfaced in the parallel world that he was sent to.

The portal then vanished in the next moment.

Actually, the Portal Generator machine had been killed off to prevent anything from coming to Earth through that portal that transported Max here.

Max whose body was rapidly healing understood this and only shook his head with a smile in it.

"Why'd kill the machine? Scaredy folks. Haha!" He said and grinned.

Then he looked around where he was and said in his heart in a displeased tone 'The portal generator actually brought me here? To a valley? Of all places? Why not some city? Damned machine! Ahhh!'

And just as he was about to think of what to do next, he suddenly heard a blood-chilling scream of terror from faraway.

Max furrowed his brows upon hearing that high-pitched cry of horror.

'That loud frightened scream seemed to have come from within a cave that is pretty far from where I am. And it sounds like the voice of a human. Hmm! Let me go check out what caused that.'

He then utilized his vampiric hearing ability to trace where the terrified shout came from.

When the cry rang out again a moment later, Max took off at his highest vampiric speed to where the cry was coming from.

Moving at many miles per hour and leaving numerous after-images of himself behind, he arrived at the large cave where the cry was coming from. And then he saw to his surprise that the cave had an unnaturally high roof.


A terrifying beast growl suddenly rang out.

Max looked at the beast that made that sound and saw that it a towering hideous beast that was as tall as a one-storey building.

'Whoa!' He said inwardly in shock.

Then quietly observing from where he was, he saw a group of people who looked like humans far in front of the beast with terrible expressions written all over their faces.

'Humans?! Don't tell me this world has humans in it too.'

'I was expecting some ugly and fierce-looking beast-like and human-like creatures in here, not actual humans.'

'And maybe they are people the intelligent creatures from this world took onetime from my world and then enslaved them in here."

"Nah. That direction of thought is wrong. There have been no news of entities from other worlds abducting people from planet Earth. Or those insane scientific inventors will have equipped thousands of highly-skilled people that will take the fight to them.'

'So that means there are really humans in here too. But wow! This is very unbelievable. I am going report this to my dad anytime I go back to Earth in the future' Max said inwardly.

He then looked from those group of people to another person that was on the ground.

This person bled profusely from a leg that had been brutally ripped off from the thigh area.

Max then understood in the next second that it was this person that was screaming in pain, agony and for the fear of his life since the tall and ferocious beast was facing it and was slowly approaching him with a sharp and sentient look in it eyes.

Then a feeling abruptly surfaced in Max's mind that the beast was an intelligent beast since it gaze seemed to radiate full intelligence and awareness of it immediate surrounding.

He then also understood one other thing, which was that the intelligent-looking hideous beast wanted to crush the male's mind and greatly terrify him by leaving his leg which it ripped off from his thigh region to hang out from it jaws as it slowly approached him.

The male who was extremely scared for his life didn't stop shouting in horror.

He was screaming terrifiedly to his colleagues who were far from him that they should come help me chase off or kill the beast.

However, they only shook their heads and began to back away with great sadness written all over their faces.

Max looked at this people and thought 'If I help these people and their grievously wounded colleague, maybe they will trust me and then feed me with all the information that I want.'

'Hmm. I think that's the only thing to do since I know nothing about this world.' Max concluded inwardly and then nodded his head.

When the others were about to leave the cave and dash away with sorrow written all over their faces and at the highest speeds that they could muster to get away from the beast before it could move on to slaughter any of them, they suddenly heard a cough from someone that seemed to be in front of the large deadly beast.


Then when they turned around to see who or what coughed, they saw someone that was strangely dressed.

"Huh?" They muttered questioningly.

Then one person unexpectedly asked "What kind of moron is this?"

The same person that asked that question said in the next instant and in a loud voice so Max could hear "Stupid mortal, quickly get of out there or be ravaged by that beast!!"

Max heard what this person shouted and simply ignored him. He then focused on the beast that was looking at him with deep astonishment in it large eyes.

This person cultivated no Qi and had the fearlessness and the great audacity to stand before it?

How dare he?!


The beast growled in rage and then suddenly dashed towards Max who abruptly entered his 'Kron Form'.

Max knew his vampiric strength limit which was 10 tons. And a 10 ton-strength might not be able to cause significant damage to the beast which was more than a storey building and will definitely weigh far more than that due to the thickness of it hide and the heaviness and density of it massive, heavy bones.

So he immediately entered his Kron Form to power the T-612 dominator in his body for enhancement of his strength to a certain shocking degree.

With eyes that glowed in bright blue color and even emitted smoke-like, blue-colored energy, then arms and neck that had bulged veins in them in which a blue liquid-like substance could be seen moving in them, Max dashed at a shocking tremendous speed towards the beast and then gave it a punch with his clenched fist that was also glowing in a soft blue radiance.


Like a terrible explosion occurred within the cave causing the entire cave to tremble, the massive towering beast actually exploded into mist of blood and tens of thousands of shreds of flesh that rained in the entire cave to litter it floor.

Max couldn't be bathed by the enormous mist of blood that had erupted from the beast upon it explosion since he had dashed away at a great speed in the next instant when he heavily struck the beast with his super-hard punch.

The others who watched what happened looked on with unfathomable surprise in their eyes towards Max who approached them with a smile in his face.

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