Going for his mission (1)

Max who looked like he was simply tired of everything, of his life in fact as he laid in that deep crater looking extremely bloodied, tried to stand back to his feet as his body healed inconceivably fast and jump out the crater that he was in to continue practicing. He didn't want to stop his training even for once. However, he knew that he wouldn't be able to do that if not for his rapidly-regenerating body that could heal near as fast as light travels in a vacuum, therefore meaning that he had sub-lightspeed tissue regeneration capability; a special type of healing ability that was matchless due to his body's capability to cause the massive proliferation of cells at a rate that when calculated and compared, was near to that of the speed of light. And it was for this reason that Max wasn't really scared of all the highly dangerous things that no one would dare to involve themselves in doing, or they would be quickly utterly destroyed by them.

When he was done r

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