Which World is Real?

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Which World is Real?

By: Edward van Vuuren OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Do you like stories with aliens? Space travel? Time Travel? alternate universes and super powers? Sin is a confused individual who just wants to live his live, he is happy to be with his girlfriend and living off the land, but then everything falls apart, his girlfriend is killed in a war and he then finds out that he is part of a very advanced and powerful alien race, he then gets dragged into a war that causes him to go dark and lose what little humanity he had left. Chloe holds the second highest rank in her species, outranked only by her mother the High queen. Chloe has just been thrown into an intergalactic war as an ancient enemy has made their return and now threatens all life in the universe, but they might not be the greatest threat out there, danger might be lurking closer to home as her beloved is conflicted by a darkness within himself, and her only daughter was born with the same power. She did find a way to safe one of them, the question is which one will be saved?

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Chapter 1 - I am alone on Earth
Now I've never really bothered to think much about the apocalypse or end of the world, there are always things happening that makes everyone go on the apocalypse train. But as for me, I've never really paid much attention to any of it, so many things have happened throughout history and the world has always kept on spinning, people returned to their normal every day routines and quickly forget about what happened. To be honest, I have no interest in the outside world or the news, what is news today is history tomorrow, or in most cases it's just forgotten, so I honestly don't see the point in waisting money on news papers or even watching the news, but I guess that was my mistake, maybe if I paid a little bit more attention I wouldn't find myself in this predicament. Now I live on Earth, or well I'm trapped in some sort of parallel dimension, but it seems like I can still get messages out to other unaffected versions of earth. It all started when I woke up one morning and I realise
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Chapter 2 - The Interdimentionalists found me
As you already know, I'm not from from this version of earth. I'm from a parallel earth that was invaded by humans from a much more advanced parallel earth. I've been living here for a good few years now, and this version of earth is very similar to my old home in many ways. Well besides that it seems this version of earth has much more violence and crime then we had. By now all my people have either been wiped out of they have been integrated by the invaders. I prefer to use the term enslaved as we were not really given any choice. I have not met or made contact with anyone else from my home. But I doubt it will ever happen. To be honest, I'm not even sure how many of us made it out. I do know that many of our military units have already integrated with your military. But in order to stop the coming invasion there is still a lot of work to do. Since arriving here I've made preparations for when the invasion happens. We started growing food, increased our security, I got to know
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Chapter 3 - And so it begins
I'm finding it difficult to make out the lies from the truth. A lot has happened is a very short while. So I am going to try and tell you everything here. Last time I wrote to you I was with the commander and her unit accompanied by the aliens that came to help us fight the invaders. Well as I told you, something didn't feel right, but after what happened I'm even more confused then I've ever been in my life. We were assigned a mission, it was John, myself and a few of their soldiers and one of the aliens, they claimed it was to finalise my training and this mission would help me reach my full potential. So we took one of the crafts they use for jumping between dimensions because of its incredible speed and cloak technology, it was supposed to be a quick in and out, the target was an installation military facility run by the invaders, our intelligence told us that they had a strong military presence there and have already constructed an inter dimensional gateway which they are usi
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Chapter 4 - The Revelation
t hasn't been that long since my last post, but you will be surprised at how much can happen in a very short time. As you know the mysterious woman who wiped my memory has found me and come to talk to me, claiming she isn't here to hurt me. I don't know if everything that happened so far made me overly paranoid or overly naïve, I can't say that I trust her, but the urgency in her tone makes me want to hear her out. She is different from every one of the hybrids that I've seen so far, honestly I can't say she looks completely human, nor does she have any of the characteristics of any of us. Yet she can use blue light, and I find that intriguing, call me crazy, but I'm curious to find out more, and the more I look at her the more there is something oddly familiar about her, and I don't mean our previous run in, I mean I've seen her somewhere else before, but I just can't place it, everything about her is familiar, even her voice. But I'm struggling to put the pieces together. So let
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Chapter 5 - Something doesn't add up
I don't know when I fell asleep, heck I can't even remember laying down, but I got woken up by voices arguing. I looked around trying to take in my surroundings, have you ever fallen asleep after been awake for a very long time and had the confused feeling where you are completely disoriented and you have no idea where you are? Well that is what just happened, it took me a few minutes to figure out where I am, but why am I in Chloe's room? Did something happen? Oh no, my thoughts started racing, I hope I didn't do anything with her. But when I pulled the sheets off of me I noticed that I'm wearing the same clothes I was wearing before I blacked out, blacked out? I must have been over tired. But how did I get here. I slipped out of the bed and start looking for my shoes, but then I saw fresh clothes neatly folded on the chair next to the bed. So I changed into the fresh clothes very quickly and made my way to the lounge, but there was nobody there, then I heard them talking, it was
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Chapter 6 - Leaving Earth
My apologies for not writing sooner, a lot has happened since my last post, we are currently in the ship. But before I get to what's happening now, let me tell you guys what has happened. I woke up to see Chloe sitting next to our bed smiling, she kissed me and offered me a cup of coffee. I have to admit, she's really kind. So I sat up to drink my coffee, when I realized that I'm still undressed, she was wearing a beautiful short summer dress. She gave me a kiss and told me that she's happy that we can be together now. But then her demeanour changed. She told me that as soo as I finish my coffee I must take a shower and get dressed. The urgency in her voice got me rushing. When I got out of the shower and back to our bedroom she had clothes ready for me, but not normal clothes, she also changed, it was a strange outfit, looked like armour, but had lights on it and she was wearing a device on her arm similar to what Azaria gave me, but more advanced. Me. "What is going on? Why ar
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Chapter 7 - Hyperspace
We left earth now and we are in hyperspace heading for the Acturion system. But it wasn't easy to leave the solar system, it was intense and we barely escaped as we almost got caught by Azaria's patrols. Chloe "take the weapons" Me. "What weapons? How? " That is when my suit formed a helmet over my head and I could suddenly see all around the ship, I could feel everything around the ship, I immediately knew which weapon systems we had, how they worked, what each weapon does. Chloe. "Are you ready?" Me. "As ready as I will ever be." Chloe. "Here we go, we are breaking atmosphere now." I didn't even notice us leaving the ground, the ship moves so fast and so smoothly, or she is just a brilliant pilot, maybe it's a combination of both. As we entered space I could feel a shift, almost like a split second of seasickness. Chloe. "I'm sure you felt that, that was caused by the artificial gravity kicking in, it takes a few seconds to calibrate it to match that of earths once we lose
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Chapter 8 - The Reunion
don't have any idea of what time we eventually fell asleep. But I woke up before Chloe. So I went through my normal morning routine and then I decided to tidy up our mess from the previous night. I thought I'd wake her up with coffee and breakfast, but she wasn't impressed. Aperantly she hates eating in bed. So I followed her lead and moved her breakfast to the dining area. So she finally went to enjoy her breakfast I snuck off to tidy the room, but she beat me to it. After she finished her breakfast and shower she went to the bridge and the next moment she came running towards me. "We need to talk." Me. "What's going on? Is something wrong?" Chloe. "No, but we must have lost track of time somewhere, we will be arriving in a couple of hours and we have a lot to go through and there are a few things we need to get ready." Me. "I'm listening, but how is that possible? You said it will take 2 days." Chloe. "I did, we must have lost track of time and just slept very long. Time in hy
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Chapter 9 - Arrested
Chloe did warm me that her mother will most likely be waiting for us and there will be a lot of explaining to do. She was right, as we exited hyperspace the first thing we saw was the ship that was waiting for us when we were leaving, but next to it one of a similar design, but almost double the size. Chloe. "My mothers flag ship." Incoming transmission, transmission accepted. "This is the royal guard for the Seleon high queen. Relinquish control of your craft and a docking pilot will bring you in to hanger AZ. " Chloe. "Hanger AZ? I'm sorry, but this is princess Sarine, hanger AZ is reserved for captives, not for seleons. " Voice. "Comply as per order from High Queen Azaria." Chloe. "Complying." She deactivates the controls and looks at me. "Keep your ship cloaked and hide it in the asteroid belt." I immediately sent the order and receive and order confirmed response. We both watch as the ship flies into a docking bay near the back of the flag ship. Chloe. "Follow me and fo
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Chapter 10 - The prison
As everyone starts taking their seats in the counsel meeting room Chloe and I look at each other and Chloe gives me a nod. She walks over to Azaria to excuse us from the meeting as meetings like these are only for royals, counsel members and top level leadership. Chloe "mom we are leaving, we will be in our quarters when you are done." Azaria looks up at Chloe with almost surprise. "Why are you leaving? You are part of this." Chloe. "I'm no longer a Royal, I was stripped of my title and rank when we were arrested." Azaria. "And your title and rank was given back to you when I revoked your sentence." Then Azaria looks at me. "As you are the son of Queen Krish you are also royalty and part of this meeting." I could feel my head spin, well the whole room started spinning, the next moment I was on the floor with Chloe sitting next to me. I think everything is just getting too much now, from one thing to another, within a few days I found out I'm not even human, but part of this ad
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