Accidental Occurrence: Unique Regeneration Speed

"Anytime my beautiful wives appear to me in the future when they are done receiving the immense fortune and blessing of the Dragonness, they would become hugely surprised by what I am able to do. Haha!" Max said further and then laughed again. He just couldn't wait to see the unbridled shocked expressions that will surface in the faultlessly smooth and impeccably beautiful faces of both Zhu Lian and Xiao Bilan when they come to realize that he had grown to become much more powerful, powerful to the point that he could contend with a sect master-level cultivator which they normally ran away from in the past due to the horrifying destructive powers that they possessed.

"I am getting there, I am slowly getting there. It's just a matter of time." Max said within himself with a bright smile appearing in his face.

Still holding on to the dense and short crystalline sword in his hand, which surprisingly hadn't dispersed yet, Max continued to slash

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