Mind Transmission of Legacy Skills

"Wow! Really?" Xiao Bilan asked with astonished eyes.

"Yes" The Dragonness replied. 

She then spoke further, "So, I created this treasure that is preserving my soul flame with the intent of passing down my instructions, skills and other secrets to my successors, just in case anything happened to me during any of my exceedingly dangerous adventurous explorations in forbidden, uncharted regions out there."

"Therefore, you shouldn't see it as strange, or that I could guess that I was going to be wiped out soon. It is just one of the many usual practices of cultivators of every ranks in our world, which is to keep their treasures some places for someone who would go on to become their successors, to find them and add to their accumulations, once he or she couldn't make it out of where they knowingly or unknowingly ventured into." 

"Right, senior Dragonness." Xiao Bilan said with a nod of her he

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