The Dragonness's regret

Once the Dragonness said that, Xiao Bilan and Zhu Lian looked at her with puzzled expressions in their faces.

Then Xiao Bilan whose curiosity was provoked, proceeded to ask the Dragonness a question that abruptly surfaced in her mind, "Senior Dragonness, if you don't mind, what mistake was that?"

"The mistake of turning down all my suitors and chasing them away with threats of life and death battles if they ever came to me again with the idea of marriage."

"I was young and foolish then. But even after so many million years where I should have gotten wiser, I still remained foolish. But all that could be blamed on my peerless adamancy on being the strongest cultivator, not 'strongest female cultivator', but strongest cultivator in the world."

"I had this wild dream of becoming the Absolute Strongest, a matchless divine being, a true sovereign of incomparable strength and power in our boundlessly vast cultivation world; an actual feat that has never been ac

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