Regretting her action

Once Elder Lin said that, the elders seated in the Hall of Elders and the small group of disciples that came to report their findings to them, opened their mouths wide in astonishment.

They couldn't believe what Elder Lin just said.

"Are you sure that the vision that you saw is right? How will a mortal, someone who can't cultivate and is an ordinary human produce a vast amount of Qi that could swallow up our whole cultivation world?" Elder Chun asked as she gazed at Elder Lin with an indescribable look in her face.

"I am sure that what I saw is correct. That mortal boy who can't cultivate is someone capable of releasing a tremendous amount of Qi that will greatly surpass the quantity of Qi that could be put out by the ancient cultivating legends that we have heard and never heard about, elder Chun." Elder Lin calmly replied.

"But how is that possible?" Another elder asked.

"I can

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