Fantastic League of Heroes

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Fantastic League of Heroes

By: Izzy Bee Mak CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Heroes from diverse cities face there daily life challenges and enemies, but soon realize that sometimes, they need to right alongside one another to achieve a common goal. As they face personal challenges and villains who trouble their City, they are then faced with an enemy who poses a threat to everyone of them. But not just one, more enemies who are threats to the world at large and even beyond. This is the gathering of heroes to make up a team of superheroes from different locations; representing their people. It is a gathering of Earth's mightiest warriors which was kick-started by; Miss Awesome, Hero, Amazing Girl, Bravo, Scarlet Lady, and Hotfoot A team which will be known as, 'The Fantastic League'

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    great to read

    2023-07-18 12:27:19
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    Izzy it's moses

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58 chapters
Origins (I)
(Introducing Mark Bryan and Mary Stark; Hero and Miss Awesome) (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, YEAR 2020)(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)From outside it looked almost like a regular tech laboratory, but on the inside; the neatly polished walls and its facilities were all one would need in lab... A superhero lab to be precise.Though this lab was owned by a man who goes by the name; Robert Hicks, but it's not actually a laboratory for the public; that's why it's in a secluded spot.Out of one of the other rooms came a young guy; American with black hair and shaves. His name’s Mark Bryan. But he wasn't there alone, rather there were three others in there with himMary Stark; a lady with an average stature, but who is she? Who was the first guy too?Well, they have something in common; both possess superpowers and are hoping to be superheroes.Next person with them was Ben Gilbert; a computer guy whose eyes were glued to the computer screen; just the one before him though, cause there are
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Origins (II)
(17 YEARS LATER)(NEW CITY, 2020)It's been 17 years since the demise of Alice’s father; and she’d been living with Billy and his daughter; Annie.The girls being sisters and having a favorite friend; Bella.Now all were in Alice’s room together; having a conversation. Alice; currently 27 years, with long black hair which rested on her shoulders, she was putting on white pajamas, with multiple teddy bear illustrations on it. Annie; 22 years, red haired but not as long as Alices'. Hers was at the level of the back of her neck. She was putting on a black cardigan, and dark-tan trousers. Bella; 26 years, her hair was black and just as Annie’s length. She also had the most attractive body, cause the two others looked slim in their outfits, while Bella was putting on a black jacket, and a black tight trouser which showed off her curves.Annie and Bella looked ready to go out, except Alice. “You know… it’s actually been fun using our powers together secretly”, Alice said, smiling sheepishly
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Origins (III)
Dan and Tyler were ready as the braced themselves to shoot their firsts, “You know you can’t win me in this”, Dan boasted.One of the tutors yelled “fire!” They both shot one arrow each at the same time and it hit the tree but not the center, the tutor said again “Shoot one more” They quickly picked another and shot again, but this time, Dan’s arrow hits the center while Tyler’s was a miss. Tyler asked “Scores please?” The tutor replied, “Dan is on 1.5, you’re on 0.5” Dan chuckles while the tutor said again “Shoot another” Dan shot his first then Bravo shot his own as well and both of their arrows hit the center” “Dan, 2.5 Tyler, 1.5” The tutor said, and just as he was about to speak to them on continuing, the Old Master interrupts, “shoot two at a time” “oh no” Tyler exclaims. “Tyler, you can do it!” Nina yelled.Tyler sighs as he raised his arrows, Dan also. Then the tutor yelled, “fire!”. Dan shot his arrows immediately while smiling and Tyler shot his own as w
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Memories of The Past
(SUNSHINE CITY BANK)The same thief was at the bank putting on a shiny designer shirt, and his clown mask. He had a gun in his hand, and another in his pocket, he was packing jewelries into his bag, as the people were all laid down in fear. He yells at them, “You all have lots of cash but do you ever think about we the poor ones? No, you don’t… now I’ll be damn rich and I’ll leave this country. Last night I wasn’t thinking big enough, but now this is it… The right thing I should be doing”.He was about to leave when he was blown backwards by a sudden wind. Miss Awesome (Mary) came in, she was putting on a grey colored outfit, a top with a jacket on it, and a grey trouser as well, but the lower part of the arm and legs were darker, she had a mask on which covered the eye region. Hero came in next also in his dark outfit.Cops arrived as well and they entered pointing their guns at Hero, Miss Awesome and the thief. “You’re making a mistake; this lady and I are heroes”, Hero
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Powers and Threats
Bella said to Alice, “Let me handle this, I can’t let you fight your sister; she has to come with us by force, cause it looks like something is really wrong with her”. Alice moved back with tears already in her eyes while Bella went forward and immediately began to shoot frosts of ice at Annie, but Annie’s eyes turns red and speedily dodged the attacks, then sent a circular blast of scarlet energy, Bella quickly made a shield of ice to block but the shield was shattered and she was thrown backwards to the ground. She stood up immediately and began to shoot solid and sharp ice daggers at Annie, while Alice yelled at Bella, “Do you wanna kill her?”. The Ice daggers stopped moving while Bella then made the daggers fall, Annie chuckles softly and yells, “Don’t hold back, I’ll still kill you both”. Bella immediately made ice balls and hurled it towards Annie; firing them continually, but the latter was breaking the ice balls with punches, which easily shattered it to bits. Annie
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She kicked him and asked, “Who is Hero?”. Dr. Roberts answered saying, “You’ll never know, I’ll never tell you”. He chuckles and she said to him, “I’m actually waiting for him to come here” Hero landed slowly behind the lady as well as Miss Awesome at the front, and the lady raised her hands saying, “Perfect timing, take me to your lab!”(DR. ROBERTS LAB)The lady was tied to a chair and also handcuffed while Mark, Mary, Ben, Kyle, and Dr. Robert were there staring at her. Her mask had been removed, and it was a beautiful young looking lady.Mary asked, “Who are you?”. She rolls her eyes and replied, “Well, I’m gonna tell you, but first know this, I let you capture me so I can come here to tell you everything, or else, your counterpart…” she stares at Mark, “… will kill me!”. Ben looked surprised, and he asked, “What do you mean?... counterpart?”, She replied sharply, “Yes, I’m sure he must have visited you Mark”. Mark asks, “Moza?”. She nodded and answered, “Yes”. Mark exh
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Unforseen Foes
(DR. ROBERTS LAB)Hero, Miss Awesome, and Nesa were about to go meet Moza while Kyle, Ben and Dr. Roberts were to stay behind.Dr. Roberts said as they were about to leave, “if it turns out that Nesa is deceiving you, what will you do?” Miss Awesome answered saying, “then we’ll beat them up together”. Kyle’s eyes was fixed on his phone and he seemed bothered,  “something’s not right, why would my sister be leaving this city”. Mark replies saying, “I just spoke to her a while ago… she doesn't mention such”. Kyle gave his phone to Ben who connects it to the computer and it showed the map of Sunshine City and a red dot on the road that leads to leaving the city, Miss Awesome smirks and said, “wait… you put a tracker on your sister?”.   “Not exactly, but it’s for her safety, and she did it first, I also w
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(MR. MARK EDDIE’S HOUSE)Alice was laid on a bed asleep while Michael, Bella, Danny and Annie were together having a conversation, Danny said,    “after running tests on her, she’s absolutely fine, but she’s like… uh, in coma, and I don’t know when she’ll wake up”. Annie sighs and replied, “So what kind of villain are we up against here?”. Bella replied saying, “One that puts a person in a deep sleep, but how does he do it? That’s what I think we have to know”.     “and also bring Alice back” Michael added before Danny replies, “I’ll try my best concerning that”The guy who just stole from the museum was in a house, away from other houses, he opens the books slowly and light shone from it on his face, he looked surprised and said to himself,   “This… this is it, I have to save
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Chaos Brewing
Hero and Miss Awesome went back to the same place Bethany had been taken to before and there, they saw the guy right there, standing as always, he said on their arrival   “Welcome, you have questions to ask, and now is the best time to do that”.    “Why are you doing this...? who are you?... what do you want?”, Hero asked, and the guy answered calmly, saying, “I’m doing this because I have the power to do it, I am Photo Power, I called myself that… you can call our team of Phantom, Punisher and myself, the 3Ps. Lastly, what I want is different from what my friends want… I wanna see Johnny Tony dead too”, he chuckles softly,     “... Mark you see we have a common enemy”. Hero looks surprised while Miss Awesome asked, “if Johnny Tony is your enemy, why are you fighting us? Are you trying to play mind games on us?”. Photo Power
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Fantastic Alliance
(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)Mark, Mary, Ben, Nesa, and Kyle were together, and in the middle of a conversation,      “We’re going to New City first; there are superheroes there too…”, Mary said, while she was staring at them all. She was  on her feet like a teacher, meanwhile the others were seated.Mark stood up, saying, “We should get going, you and I”    “then Photo Power will copy everyone’s abilities?” Ben asks.  “I doubt he’ll be able to handle it,” Mary said, “he’s probably gonna get exhausted”. Mark nodded, whilst saying, “then let’s go get it done”(NEW CITY)(MR. MARK EDDIE’S HOUSE)Alice, Bella, Danny, Annie, Michael, and Mr. Mark were all present, Annie had cut her a bit, and Bella was speaking,    “…that guy came out of nowhere
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