Soul Cultivator: Soul Eyes ( pt 1 & 2)

Then when his eyes snapped open, he suddenly aimed his palm out at Max and sent out a large amount of ice attacks towards him.

"Exterminating Chaotic Arrows of Ice"

Then the Ice Qi that had built up around him, suddenly transformed into thousands of glowing, silvery arrows that shot towards Max at tremendous speeds.

Once Max saw the deadly attacks that carried a great degree of profoundness shoot towards him, and with eyes that had begun to glow in bright blue, he quickly punched out with his left hand at the attacks that were shooting towards him at immense speeds.

Then the air instantly turned into a spiraling, powerful wind gale that could actually drill through a seven inch-thick rock.




Numerous bang sounds began to ring out as all the glowing, crystalline arrows formed from ice, began to shatter into pieces one after the other.

Seeing that the multiple, fearsome whistling attacks had been d

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