The altar room appears

While Zhu Lian who stood where she was, remained there with a smile in her face.

She then walked towards the place that one of her female challengers was knocked to and picked her up to place her beside the second female cultivator that she fought with and knocked out.

Then with a smile appearing in her face as she waited for them to wake, space began to warp around their bodies, which then caused their bodies to vanish the next moment.

Seeing that their bodies had teleported away before her, Zhu Lian immediately recalled that whenever an opponent was struck to the ground and became totally unconscious, their bodies will immediately teleport out of this place and appear in the outside world.

So, once she remembered this, she uttered with an awry expression appearing in her face, "Ugh. I would have loved them to really know what happened between me and Half-Moon Saber. Anyway, they are gone now. And I

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