Misunderstanding, Fighting for justice

However, once Xiao Bilan's attack struck the shield composed from ice, the shield instantly shattered apart into smithereens and turned into wisps of Qi that returned to the world. Same with Xiao Bilan's attack which also shattered into bits upon hitting the shield and rapidly turned into slivers of Qi that disappeared into the world.

Seeing how overwhelming Xiao Bilan's attack was, the cultivator that sent out that Ice Qi attack at her, quickly backed away a bit with a slightly startled expression manifesting in his face.

He then said inwardly as he did that, 'Wow! See how her attack splintered my offensive and defense. This must be one genius female cultivator from a powerful sect. Ugh! Why did I pick on her? I have to get out of here before I am doomed.'

And as he was thinking this, the other two males who stood by his side, also began to surprisingly ponder the same thing.

They couldn't believe X

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