The passageway ticket

Once Max said that, the eyes of the male disciple widened with shock. Same with the disciples from other sects who stood behind him.

They couldn't believe what Max just said.

"Mortal, what did you just say to me?" The disciple asked to confirm what Max said.

"I said what I said. And I can't repeat myself, sorry." Max said with an apologetic tone in his voice. But if one looked at him, one will immediately know that he didn't mean what he told the male disciple before him.


The male disciple who could understand in the next instant that Max didn't really mean what he said, prepared to attack him. 

But before he could so, the booming voice of the legacy-bestowing spirit residing within this massive inheritance ground, suddenly rang out.

"Pipe down, everyone" She said with an unseen wave of a particular power suddenly manifesting i

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