Training begins (1)

"Ancient one, what of your eminent master's spatial ring? Can I also have that? I will be most grateful" Max suddenly said with a smile in his face.

Then before the Ancient Being could speak after remaining silent for a while, Max who had taken the long silence of the ancient being as it being displeased with him for his unnecessary demand, quickly said to clear himself, "Ancient one, don't think that I am opportunistic individual who want to simply acquire everything that your master worked really hard to obtain in his lifetime without sweating blood for it. It's just that I let my excitement get the better hold of me. I am sorry. I won't ask about it again"

"No. It's okay. My long duration of silence was only because I was contemplating whether I should give you my master's spatial ring or not. But I think that I should just give it you. However, you will only be given one-hundredth of my master's immense possession for every task that you

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