The Earth After That

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The Earth After That

By: Cloud Pen OngoingSci-Fi

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Earth in future years is subject to many invading forces. The hollow earth and hollow sun theory persists. The Earth People and the Sun people race to take over the earth. John is a smart boy. He and his friends saved the earth and stopped the galactic war. John has been adventuring from planet to planet. Will the mission to save the earth and What will mankind be like? Do you believe John and his friends will make it? Follow the journey of John - smart boy and hero.

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8 chapters
Chapter 1: Past and present
In 4334, the Earth formed a supercontinent. Called the "single continent". Six continents encompassing Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and Oceania merge into one. Because this happened earlier than expected, scientists were unable to react. After the fourth world war, the Earth had only one government, one country. And this country is called Human Rights: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the world of science and technology, there are many great developments. Artificial intelligence was fully invested in 3144. It has replaced humans doing all the tedious work. Also since this time, the second currency that has corrupted people has been very powerful in previous centuries. Now, it no longer exists. People know about it through the narrative of history. There was a time when, as long as there was money in hand, people could buy anything, including teammates. Scary huh? Don't worry, it's been wiped out already. And people today only live in comfor
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Chapter 2: John and his friends
"Happy, you ask your father to let us go with you." Luna just held the glass and spoke.John tried to smile wryly, he didn't have this ability. The number of people to see was limited, and John's father couldn't let them in. John shook his head, apologizing etically. He said:"No, my dad doesn't have that ability.""Difficult? You go live." Hannah said.Jack turned to knock on Hannah's head, his face disdainful."Crazy, the government broadcasts live. I want to see it with my own eyes."Hannah responded to him, she hit Jack on the head. Provocative eyes."You can't get in if you don't hear it? Who do you say there?"Luna and John shook their heads helplessly. Hannah and Jack often quarrel, and John and Luna look familiar. But it was too noisy, John didn't like it. He put a hand on his forehead and said:"Seth, take them out."[Accepted orders, throw Luna and Jack out.]"Hey, do you want to die?" Jack shouted."You're not supposed to treat women like that! Oh, you son of a bitch."Leav
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Chapter 3: Scientific Research Headquarters
After saying that, John drove his luxury car and left. Today, there are national flags everywhere, and everyone stays up very early to watch the government's live program. John held the steering wheel in one hand, the other leaning on the door, looking down. He flashed a smug smile, unable to hide his arrogance.All the people of the Unique Continent are extremely interested in and attach great importance to matters related to the universe. As he was driving leisurely, the cool wind blew through the door gap. Suddenly, three skis flew to approach, close to John. He slowed down, opened the window wide, and said loudly:"Hey, what are you guys following me for?"Jack didn't care what John said, he jumped inside the open glass door, his hand nimbly retracting the skateboard. Following that, Luna and Hannah also jumped into the car to John's helplessness.John slowed the car down, annoyed, and asked:"What do you guys want to do?""Want to go see the spaceship launch." Hannah quickly repl
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Chapter 4: Break into research headquarters
At this point, Luna is like an expert. She took out a glowing string from her pocket, a sly face. Luna's hand twirled the glowing rope. The other two looked at Luna expectantly. Baggy pants in the old style, modernized with sparkling diamonds. Luna looks dynamic and personable. She shrugs, jumping on the skateboard with her special pants. After that, Luna flew up to deliberately attract the attention of the sentinel robot. The glowing rope was thrown by Luna, it was like a snake wriggling into every corner of the campus. And of course, those provocative actions were seen by the robots. They issue a warning signal: [Someone wants to infiltrate, warn for ten seconds to counterattack. Warning.] The captain of the robot team warned. Luna didn't care, she continued to wrap the glowing rope around the headquarters, then fixed the two ends. The encircling rope, constantly running around the research headquarters. The robots continuously analyze the data, looking in the direction of the g
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Chapter 5: Captured
Luna and Hannah also wanted to laugh, but in their current state, they didn't dare to make a sound. To avoid detection by the robot, Luna moved the skateboard to face Hannah. Luna nodded slightly, Hannah understood the shouting:"Hey, I'm here."Hannah spoke while walking into the territory of the research headquarters. With just two steps, all the robots focused their attention on Hannah. Having ten seconds of intrusion warning, Luna took the opportunity to throw a non-luminous rope at Jack, pulling him outside. At the same time, Hannah also withdrew from the penalty area of ​​the headquarters.Jack's shirt was torn due to being pulled by Luna, his whole body did not show any muscle, only seeing him as thin and boneless.Looking at Jack, Luna and Hannah couldn't help but laugh. He covered his chest with his hand, showing a shy expression."Pervert, what are you looking at?"Hannah however didn't mind, she patted Jack's shoulder. He was startled, his head still aching. Not wanting to
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Chapter 6: Interrogation
The voice of the security robot leader rang out. John is more impatient than ever, hoping that the person arrested is a second force. You are wrong, his friend has been arrested.John tried to pick up the phone, but no one answered. The robot confiscated their phones and took them to the interrogation room.With that, a man entered. He looked serious, looked at the three children tied up on the ground, and smiled. Hannah felt like she was being teased, she glanced at him. The man laughed again, put his hand on the wall, and said:"Isn't it enough? Make a mess of the whole research facility. I know your parents. Tell the truth, or you don't want to be exaggerated."The man named Will threatened. He's been working here for many years. Appointments with the families of his researchers came. Naturally, these smart and mischievous children always left a good impression in his eyes.Will liked active children like this, although they were very troublesome, he always used a cheerful and frie
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Chapter 7: Museum and Hollow sun theory
The consequence of causing the disaster was that she hung upside down from the tree in front of the house. Jack, Hannah, and Luna all suffered the same fate. Through the screen, John kept holding his stomach and laughing. The three of them were both embarrassed and laughing so their faces turned red. "My brain has fallen to the ground, guys." Hannah lamented. Her long white hair fell, Hannah's mind was indeed pitiful. "What are you complaining about, you have to suffer the consequences if you've caused it." John put a grape in his mouth, chewing and talking. Look at him like the warden is watching over the inmates. Jack also couldn't stand it and shouted: "Horrible John, stupid John." "I'm stupid but I won't get caught like you. Lazy." John made a teasing face. All four of them burst into laughter. "Okay, then I'm going to take a nap. Don't forget we have a date at the museum tomorrow. Bye." Then John hung up the call and went to sleep. Today was tiring, so John quickly fell asle
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Chapter 8: Life on Mars
"Whatever you say is right, these things can happen. Because there's a reason for something to happen. Maybe it's also partly correct. You think it's probabilistic. what percentage of it?" John tapped his fingers, his other hand resting on his chin, looking at the other three.Jack leaned back, and confidently answered without hesitation:"0%. I'm sure it won't happen.""I'm only got 50%, it's also a matter of luck." Luna smiled softly in response."Hmm, Hannah, how about you?" John saw Hannah, who had been silent for a while, looking at the book intently. When she heard the question Hannah tilted her head, shrugged, thought for a second, then affirmed:"100%. I believe it."The other three looked at Hannah in surprise, wondering why Hannah was so assertive.Jack took the opportunity to laugh at Hannah:"Are you stupid? This theory is like a fairy tale to put children to sleep. I didn't expect you to believe it."As soon as the words finished, Luna patted Jack's shoulder to remind Jac
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