Zhu Lian faces off against cultivators (2)

As soon as she did so, the cultivators who stood around Max had their brows furrowed. Then instantly, they rushed out from where they stood to the large exit door of the inn to face Zhu Lian who was standing outside with a serious gaze in her eyes, and battle intent emitting constantly from her body.

"You will regret that statement that you made" One of them said.

"Oh really?" Zhu Lian asked with a mocking expression in her face.

Then immediately she asked that, the cultivators became more angered and then rushed out towards her to subdue her.

Immediately one of them arrived in front of Zhu Lian, he sent out his fist towards her chest to knock her far into the distance.

However, Zhu Lian only sidestepped to the left, simply evading the fist. Then immediately she dodged the fist, she sent out a really heavy kick towards the left rib of that cultivator.


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