Nothingness God

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Nothingness God

By: Uravel OngoingFantasy

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He dedicated his entire life to seeking the power to become a god, to the point that he sealed his emotions. But when he succeeded, he was betrayed by his companions. But before he died, a goddess who saw the whole event told him that when a god dies, he can reincarnate in a mortal life in the thousands of worlds in the universe. Having a new opportunity, he not only decided to climb back to the top and have a power that surpassed his previous self, but in this life to pursue his desires that he ignored in his past life. Now more than simple revenge or excessive discipline, he would look for what makes him happy while he gets stronger.

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On a dark night at the ends of the world a boy crawling on the ground with one of his arms and legs totally dethroned with his jet black hair in disarray and excruciating wounds all over his body to the point of calling it the most miserable state in which any person could be, no one could guess that he was truly an Eternal with the strength that would make the whole world revere and respect him, but now he was no different than an animal in the slaughterhouse waiting for his death while crawling, at this moment the boy who he had already lived for many hundreds of years which was in agony as death approached him he remembered what happened not more than a couple of hours ago when he finally got over his bottleneck you missed and could go from an eternal being to become an authentic god. At the moment he achieved it, he stood on the top of the world, but now after being able to set foot in the kingdom where the gods lived, who would say that at that moment in which he achieved it, hi
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SamsaraAfter a short time of dying and losing all consciousness, the same boy found himself in a multicolored space where each color represents one of the laws that represent the universe such as elementary laws, or even fundamental laws such as light and darkness that are also known as life and death, even space and time.As the boy deliberated what to do, he suddenly heard a voice of which he could not discover the source of it."Little boy, you had a good life and although you killed countless people you never took the life of an innocent which gave you the respect and adoration of many more people and you still had a tragic ending, but what amazes me the most is that despite that ending you don't seem upset or resentful" (Samsara)"It's not that I don't want to collect this debt from the people who betrayed me in my next life, but I think it's much more important to know my current situation before thinking about what to do in the future.""You are too carefree to say such seriou
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Earth Year 5001 Day 15 of Month 10.Previously, the Earth was an ordinary planet without anything special, its technology was not very advanced and all supernatural beings were kept hidden or at least it used to be, until the end of the 2000s where by mere coincidence other beings from other planets who were in conflict, came to earth causing the planet to enter into crisis, causing the display of many innocents in the middle of the conflict, due to this problem I forced the planet that once argued among themselves for mere personal benefit to forget their differences and unite, but this was only eating since also the races different from humanity that were hidden, came to light, to interfere in the conflict to protect themselves.At the end of the conflict between the other foreign beings, they stopped and withdrew from the earth, seeing how insignificant the inhabitants of the earth were, it was decided to end all conflict and unify the entire planet as one, thanks to this and to th
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At this time a boy was thinking while looking at the sky without apparent emotion, a slight change in expression as if he had reached a conclusion after much thought and spoke.“Even though I have a huge debt that I collect from the people who stabbed me in the back at my greatest glory, taking revenge for that is useless right now, what I should think about is how to get back to being as strong as I was back then. then and see what this life offers me"After saying these words, the boy closed his eyes and suddenly disappeared from the room.Suddenly in a beautiful valley of flowers of all colors that was surrounded by mountains and rivers, in the center of the entire valley was a beautiful tall tree of a greenish-gold color.At that moment the boy who disappeared appeared in front of the tree, the boy looked at the tree since he knew that the tree was nothing more and nothing less than the world tree on each planet there is a world tree, these trees were gigantic they are already the
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Star City, Orphanage XX.Returning back to the room, the boy had returned after organizing his priorities.What was left for him to do is to think about finding a partner to practice the asura devastation technique, since this technique is a bit peculiar since it has an imminent danger from the moment it is practiced, to solve this problem it is necessary to a partner who will form a blood pact where he will offer his blood essence on a regular basis to relieve the pressure of cultivating the technique and as a reward he will do the same by also giving him his blood essence which will allow the blood essence of the two people constantly circulate between their bodies in this way one will be able to practice the technique and the other person, since he receives blood essence that contains asura power, so that the person's body is tempered and the energy becomes each time purest without the need for the other party to make an effort.But who should be his partner after all, the techniqu
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At first Chris was really uncomfortable knowing that he needed a partner in order to practice asura devastation, remembering the betrayal from his past life.But in this life, he wouldn't make the same mistake of giving his trust easily, because he and the girl had been raised together for the past 3 years, he knew he could trust her, plus the girl was still in her early years. that would allow him to instill mutual loyalty so that he would never betray him, if it weren't for this point, he would even think of practicing another technique if he didn't find someone suitable.This time Cris calms his astonishment and speaks to the girl."Lillia today we turn 3 years old, the rest of us were taught how to absorb energy from the environment to be able to become stronger, but what would you tell me if I told you that I know a method to be able to enter the elemental range and come back stronger?"“OHHH…”Hearing what Chris said, Lillia was shocked and she immediately became emotional and a
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After carefully checking his interior Chris began to check the new energies of his body this energy was not like the previous types that he knew, since his energy was purer and denser than any, he knew one that he has probably never known or heard, at least it was impossible to have this kind of power at the beginning of cultivation.But right now, he had to finish the practice process and stabilize the energy.Once he performed the magic circuit that connects his soul and his meridian channels in which his Prana runs, in order to practice the immortal god technique, he continued with the devastation of asura, the reason why a person's blood is needed to practicing this technique is because when the flow of the 3 points (dantian, heart and forehead) begins, the flow can never be stopped which will overload these points especially the heart which is the point of intersection of two currents.The dantian as well as the mind are not really in danger despite the load they suffer when one
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After much more time of thinking about why his bloodline could mutate and absorb the innate abilities of the races he couldn't come to any other conclusion, so from now on he decided to call his race cursed race or cursed race and he also named his mutated energy, as cursed energies, in honor of the cursed weapons, although he was literally still a celestial that was his original race.After clarifying his thoughts, he realized that he still had Lillia holding his arm so he released her, since Lillia would be his partner and partner from now on, he would spare no effort to make her stronger too, before he thought of giving her a Eternal rank technique, but seeing his innate potential he decided to give him a god rank technique.The technique that he decided to give her is the apocalypse goddess technique this technique is as powerful as asura devastation, the reason why he wants to give her this technique is because her requirement is that it can only be practiced by women and that th
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City of the stars Days 20 of the Month 10 of the Year 5003.It's already been two years since Chris started practicing deity rank techniques with Lillia, usually with deity rank techniques going from elemental to tempered rank should only take a month at most.But both Lillia and Chris have their energies at 100 points, the reason for this is that the body of a child under 5 years old cannot withstand beyond this point, it's been 5 days since they turned 5 years old, so it is time to break that barrier, despite the fact that in these 2 years he could not make a breakthrough they have been very productive, Lillia has been teaching many things about this universe through history as the old man did with Chris, also Chris he made sure that despite not being able to increase the energy of their bodies he always refined it to make it more pure and dense, at this time Chris had Lillia break into the tempering range by mistake and hurt herself so he placed a seal in her.In these two years, C
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Star City, Central District.In a complex of luxurious villas located in the central part of the city, there was a villa that stood out with a beautiful lake which is crossed by a bridge with dragon designs, in the middle a small mansion of around 5 floors of black color Although the design of the house is not very extravagant, it blends very well with the surrounding environment.In the residential room of the villa, on the sofa there is a young man between the ages of 15 and 16 sitting thinking about what he had done in recent years.In the last 6 years Chris after leaving the orphanage the first thing he did was look for ways to get money and resources.He thought of creating miracle artifacts and medicines to sell, but that method would attract a lot of trouble and unwanted attention.The first year he concentrated on increasing his strength due to the previous 7 years of forcibly suppressing the energy of his body it only took him half a year to reach the holy realm.After his st
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