Chapter 03

If only she knew that I had cut my finger and had fallen down from the stairs... I wonder what she'd do or say concerning it.

"Your master is on his way," she says and I signed annoyed because I had to go through training from a Warlord who happens to be a professor as well, so I learn two things from the same person because I'm blind.

"Don't put on that face Ella, I know you don't like him because he is too strict but if you listen carefully, you would understand that he is passing a message which is what you must concentrate on learning... Like usual, he's an award-winning professor too." She adds.

"The award-winning old man you pay so much to teach me, mum?" I said and I heard her exhale.

"Don't worry mum! I'd concentrate." I said as she helped me sit down on the parlor chair gently.

"What is that now? Don't tell me that you are hating on him?" She said and I looked away.

"Mum No! His voice sounds nice, please get over it already, I know I am a blind seventeen years old girl, It's my duty to make the pack impressed by learning hard." I said in return.

"Who should maybe have a boyfriend but it's alright, since the moon Goddess will still get you a mate." She said as sadness filled my heart but I couldn't show it or it would hurt her the most too.

"I wish you could see Ella, I wish so bad that you could see your mother's face or that of Ronald who has been buying you things because she loves you." she said to me and I paused in return.

"Oh god Mum! Ronald doesn't love me, he just pities how the situation turned out for me." I said trying to correct her and it seemed like it worked just for a knock to be held on the door.

My mum stands up and walks away from the door whilst I connect myself to the environment, feeling the vibrations of the person that was on the door.

I knew who it was.

"Oh, Ronald! Welcome." She welcomes him in and he walks straight towards where I sat.

"I'd excuse you both." my mum says and leaves and i felt like catching her even so I knew that I couldn't see her.

"I bought you milkshakes and some clothes," Ronald says to me as he takes my hands in his and I withdraw my hands.

"Ella" He called my name softly and I felt him so close to my face.

His hot breath was pouring over my cold skin, truth be told... I love him but he can't possibly love a blind guy right?

Or is it because I am Luna to be?

I get that he is a rogue.

And that he is to take care of me.

But I don't know why he is so caring.

Yet still, I seriously can't judge.

Ella [P.O.V]

"Ronald" I called his name and he answered back with his voice and a bit of minty air pouring over my nose.

I stretched out my hand as I felt his chest and before I could take them off, he grabbed them and kept them back on his chest.

I traced my hand from his shoulders till I felt his face, he was indeed as close as I thought.

He kissed me and I was in shock of what he did but it was something I wish I could do with him ever since.

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