Chapter 11
"Mum you shouldn't have collected it, even so it was for my medicines, like common there are other ways to get it as soon as possible and not through him." I said to her and her voice seemed timid the next.

"I am sincerely tired of apologizing to you today but I am sincerely sorry again, It was just part of his duties and he delivered well, hence Ronald isn't that type of person, he cares about you a lot and it's kinda cute" she says as she caresses my hair.

"How many times has he given you potions for my treatment?" I asked her and she kept silent for a while.

She is even calculating, oh my god!

"Mum! Tell me so I won't be left out of what is happening in my life and around me" I said trying to get her mind to open up to me.

"Yes, he has given me potions for you a lot of times and in fact! he is the sole supplier and I am not supposed to tell you this but I don't want to hide anything from you, he is a rogue, risking his life for you is part of his natural duties." she says and m
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