Chapter 16
"Mum, what is wrong?" I asked her worrisomely as I tried to interrupt what she and Ronald were talking about.

"Ella get into the car right now" she screams running back to the direction of the parlor to pick her car keys I guess,

Ronald stops the confusion and he stares at me with a worried look too and I knew that he was as confused as I was about the whole situation,

"Ella it's your marking hour, we must not delay dear, Ronald common help out!" She says running out and heading for her car,

Ronald grabs my hand but his hold runs downwards to my butt and then to my waist but he lifts me up.

"Ronald what's going on" I asked him only to feel myself get lifted up into the air and carried away.

"Put her in the backseat" Christiania says and I felt myself being folded up in the backseat.

"The rest rogue's Should race to protect the vehicle! Go!"

My heart beat in the fear of the reason that made them act so weirdly.

"Open my google map and search for the location to the beach from here" she
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