Chapter 17
I finally stop with my body still and the waters around me so calm like nothing was happening,

It was then it hit me that I was choking,

I tried to breath but it felt impossible right now, I struggle to swim upwards but it felt like I was just swimming deeper,

I couldn't see and the direction I was trying to get air from was not right at all,

I am a fighter so I continued to struggle until the water went up through my nostrils into my head and the crave I had for air was lost.

I cried deep inside of me as it hurt a lot in a different kind of way,

"Breath out Ella, breath in the water and breathe out again" my dads voice says to me and I my brain which was hurting tried to explain that I was already dead,

"No Ella, you are not dead so please breathe out already" I heard the same voice and for the fact that I had no other choice than to do that... I did it.

My body stopped freezing instantly as it felt like I was already on land.

"Open your eyes and see Ella" my dad's voice says
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